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The corresponding packaging film can be selected for packaging processing according to the characteristics of the product

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-22
Dongguan Commodity Packaging Co., Ltd. recently encountered a clever thing when packaging film. Since film is a daily necessities, the packaging film should be transparent, and the packaging effect is easier to highlight that the product is film. Since the film has a variety of colors, and the effects of different colors are applied to the products, the effect of packaging with transparent film makes it easier for customers to distinguish the colors of the film, so that it is convenient for customers to buy. However, I discovered unexpectedly during the packaging process. When the pattern film is used for packaging, the packaging effect is very good. It is not just a single film that is directly visible inside. This kind of packaging looks gorgeous and beautiful, and at the same time It can cover up the appearance of the film. Although this is good, it will make it impossible to distinguish the color of the film, which will affect the effect of the purchase. Later, I thought that we could make a color mark on the pattern. This mark can be customized according to the color of the film. Different marks on different color tables will not only affect the purchase, but also make the packaged products more beautiful. It enriches the single product and turns it into a variety of appearances. If your packaging and processing products are relatively single and need to be distinguished, we suggest that you can use packaging film with a distinguishing logo pattern for packaging.
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