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The dairy industry joins hands with the 'national tide', and choosing the right packaging is half the success

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-28
The data shows that the post-90s generation has become the main consumer force. They pursue fashion and novelty, and they follow the trend. Therefore, if modern products are to be out of the circle, they must grasp the characteristics of the post-90s generation, continue to innovate and develop, and combine corporate brands with young trends. Together, tell a good brand story. At present, Guochao and Guofeng, as a new form of expressing feelings and attitudes, have attracted much attention from consumers. Many dairy companies have introduced elements of national trends and launched refreshing online celebrity cultural and creative products and brand co-branded products. For example, Sanyuan Pure Milk joins hands with Forbidden City Culture, Bright Fresh Milk is integrated into White Rabbit Toffee, Yilisheng Milk Ice Cream meets Hankou No. 2 Soda Drink, etc. The combination of these classics and trends has refreshed consumers' understanding of domestic products and allowed consumers to Feel the new vitality of dairy products. The most important and most influential effect of the combination of dairy products and the national trend is the packaging bag. The appearance design of the packaging bag and the material selection of the packaging bag will affect the overall performance of the product. The appearance design is unreasonable, cannot express the trend elements, and the material selection is incorrect, which will affect the quality of fresh milk. Therefore, choosing the right packaging is half the battle. Dairy products are a kind of fresh beverages, which have extremely strict requirements on hygiene, bacteria and temperature, and also have extremely high requirements on packaging containers. To sum up, the packaging film for filling and printing should have smoothness, heat-sealability, stretchability, and lubricating tension on the surface. It should be able to prevent pollution, ensure safety, and avoid microbial infection. At the same time, in order to ensure the freshness of the milk, it must have high barrier properties, high shading properties, and water barrier properties, so as to ensure that the nutritional components and tissue state of the milk are relatively stable during transportation and storage, and the quality of the milk is guaranteed. In order to meet the above requirements, the current dairy product packaging generally chooses polyethylene co-extruded film. 1. The single-layer packaging film is generally made of various polyethylene materials with a certain proportion of white masterbatch, which is produced by blown film equipment, and is hot-filled by pasteurization method (85℃/30min). This kind of packaging film is relatively thin, the price is relatively low, the toughness is average, and it does not have the effect of shading. Two, three-layer structure of black and white composite film. This kind of film is the most common packaging method. Generally, LDPE, LLDPE, EVOH, MLLDPE and other resins are used to co-extrude and blow high-performance composite films with black and white masterbatches. Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization and hydrogen peroxide sterilization methods are used. Among them, the black masterbatch has light-shielding properties, so the shelf life of the packaged dairy products is longer, which can reach about 30 days at room temperature. Three or five-layer black and white composite film. This kind of packaging is an aseptic package. In addition to the three-layer composite film material, an intermediate barrier layer (composed of EVA, eval and other high-barrier resins) is added when the five-layer composite film is blown. This kind of packaging has excellent barrier properties, as well as good heat sealing properties and oxygen barrier properties, so it has a longer shelf life and can be stored for 90 days at room temperature.
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