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The desiccant bag will explode when exposed to water

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-04
Many food, medicine packaging bags, and even plastic cups often contain a packet of particles, which is commonly referred to as a desiccant. But it was this small package of desiccant that exploded in a cup with water.   Dangerous incident-seaweed desiccant hurts the eyes of a teenager.    CCTV once reported that a third-year student put the desiccant in the seaweed food packaging into a vacuum flask, but after a short time, the desiccant exploded. The explosion caused bleeding on the forehead of the junior high school student, his face was covered with lime powder, and his eyes were difficult to open. According to the instructions on the outer packaging of the desiccant, “If you accidentally swallow it and it gets into your eyes, please rinse with water first” and rinsed the student with water. After a simple cleanup, the student was sent to a local hospital. The doctor tried his best to rescue, but the vision of the student was still affected. The vision in the left eye became 0.3, and the right eye was basically blind. There was only some light perception and could not see what was in front of him.  Desiccant Experiment   Pour out the lime desiccant in the food packaging bag, and found that it was mostly white powder and particles, and emitted a choking smell. Put the desiccant into a transparent plastic bottle and fill the plastic bottle with water. In less than half a minute, bubbles emerged from the water, heat also floated from the mouth of the plastic bottle, and the bottle began to heat up. Tighten the bottle cap, and the bottle body begins to swell.   After 5 minutes, I squeezed the plastic bottle with my hand. The bottle body has become warmer, the bottle body has expanded more greatly, and the granular lime has also begun to become powdery. After about 10 minutes, it was observed that the bottom of the plastic bottle was deformed, the body of the plastic bottle became a bit hot, the granular lime completely turned into powder, and the water in the bottle became thicker.  Experimental interpretation  The desiccant used in the experiment is a kind of lime desiccant, and the main component of lime is calcium oxide. When calcium oxide encounters water, it will produce a sharp chemical reaction, releasing a lot of heat instantly. If the amount of lime in the plastic bottle is relatively large, the heat generated by the chemical reaction will cause the plastic bottle to expand rapidly, and severely cause the plastic bottle to burst. If the amount of lime in the plastic bottle is relatively small, the lime close to the inner wall of the plastic bottle may cause the plastic bottle to be hot and deformed. Calcium oxide chemically reacts with water to form a new substance, that is, calcium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide is alkaline and will also assist in the deformation of the bottle.  Reminder-the desiccant in the food bag should be discarded in time.   The desiccant in the food bag will have clear reminders, but these reminders are often overlooked. After the citizens buy back the food, if there is a desiccant, especially lime desiccant, it is best to throw it away directly. Because some lime desiccants are not granular but completely powdery, they may accidentally be sprayed into the eyes after disassembly. The desiccants in food are all alkaline chemicals, which are very destructive to the cornea. Once it enters the eye, it will cause burns to the cornea and conjunctiva. If the desiccant is swallowed by mistake, it will burn the mouth, cause redness and swelling of the lips and tongue, and burn the esophagus and stomach.  The editor reminds everyone that if a desiccant accidentally spills into your eyes, you should rinse them with water or saline from the inside to the outside of the eyes as soon as possible. When it is inconvenient to rinse, you can soak your eyes in water, separate your eyelids with your hands, and move your eyes to shake your head. If you accidentally swallow the desiccant, it is best not to induce vomiting and take milk or water by mouth immediately, but not excessive. At the same time, be careful not to use any acids to neutralize, because the heat released by the neutralization reaction can aggravate the damage.
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