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The development trend of plastic flexible packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-31
(1) 'Green' packaging. 'Green' packaging of products refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and the packaging materials can be recycled. After the implementation of the ISO14000 standard, the development of 'green' packaging has become a necessary task. Actively research and develop projects with high technological content, such as the development of environmentally friendly, thinner and special multifunctional flexible packaging materials; vigorously develop and popularize new environmentally friendly packaging materials such as recyclable, recyclable, degradable and return to nature, and incineration that does not pollute the atmosphere. (2) Measuring packaging. Metering packaging requires that the inner packaging of the product has the function of standard metering, including the use of packaging materials with metering functions and disposable packaging. The latter one is black-species which are common in small quantities. Single-use packaging has been popularized in the United States in 1990. With the development of composite materials and the development of sterilization packaging technology, plastic packaging factories in my country have been able to effectively ensure the accuracy of single-use packaging for liquid and solid agents, but still Will continue to develop this convenient and accurate small-meter flexible packaging form. (3) Environmental regulation packaging. The so-called 'environmental conditioning packaging' is to change the gas state in the packaging to ensure the quality of the packaged product for a longer period of time, such as packaging with a desiccant (oxygen absorbent) and air replacement (nitrogen filling, etc.) packaging. This form of packaging will continue to be popular. (4) Serialized packaging. Product packaging serialization means that products produced by the same manufacturer are packaged in a unified and similar packaging element pattern. For example, blister packaging can achieve serial packaging through changes in plate size and related elements of the aluminum foil screen. Serialized packaging is conducive to the formation of the brand packaging effect of products, which is increasingly being valued. (5) High barrier packaging. High barrier packaging is to use materials with excellent barrier properties to prevent air, moisture, light, microorganisms, etc. from entering the packaging to ensure the effectiveness of the product. The application of high-barrier packaging is very common in Europe and Japan, while my country has introduced high-barrier packaging such as PvDC in the 1980s, but the development has been slow. Therefore, the development of high-barrier material packaging is a major trend in my country's pharmaceutical flexible packaging. (6) 'Aseptic' and 'antibacterial' packaging. 'Aseptic' packaging is a method of sterilizing and packaging packaged products or packages using various sterilization or sterilization technologies in a sterile environment. It is usually packed with composite materials through different forms of extrusion and compound molding. . It has the advantages of better maintaining product ingredients, extending shelf life, saving energy, reducing packaging costs, and easy to achieve environmentally friendly packaging; while 'antibacterial' uses antibacterial polymer packaging materials for packaging to inhibit bacterial contamination, which will also become a product One of the directions of flexible packaging. (7) Microwave packaging. Recently, microwave flexible packaging has become a new trend in food packaging bags in European and American countries, and the fast pace of life has promoted the development of this packaging technology. The microwave-packaged food can be directly baked in the microwave after taking it out of the refrigerator. Moreover, the decoration of these microwave flexible packages is very exquisite, which is very popular in the market. (8) Nano packaging. The application and development of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the packaging field provide a golden opportunity for Chinese product packaging. The development of nano-paper, polymer-based nanocomposites, nano-adhesives and nano-antibacterial packaging will open up new areas for product flexible packaging. The above information is provided by the plastic bag factory.
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