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The development trend of the candy packaging industry

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-18
Confectionery competition is increasingly in a fierce stage; and consumers are no longer satisfied with the joy of taste, but pursue a higher taste, and are attracted and seduced by the beautiful packaging appearance! Packaging has become more and more important! Therefore, for candy companies, the development of the company is inseparable from products with attractive packaging.  Mainstream consumer groups and market positioning  What kind of packaging should be designed to be appropriate? Is there a packaging suitable for all people? The answer is, even if there is, it is too difficult, after all, aesthetics has its subjective side. The fact is that in a variety of consumer groups, whether packaging can cater to the interests of mainstream consumer groups will play a very important role in the expansion of the candy market. The so-called mainstream consumer group should refer to the dominant consumer group with considerable purchasing propensity and ability.   Since aesthetics has its subjective side, it is impossible and unnecessary to take care of all consumers. This is the reason why everyone is difficult to adjust. Therefore, mainstream consumer groups should be the most important consumer force! Packaging design should target mainstream consumer groups! According to different consumer groups, carry out accurate market positioning, clarify the mainstream consumer groups, and use appropriate and appropriate packaging to maximize the added value of packaging! If design elements and packaging can fully integrate cultural elements with trademarks, product names, health characteristics, physical image and capacity-the five elements of healthy food screen design, the product packaging launched will become more marketable and more marketable. Attractive product packaging with charm. In fact, since ancient times, there has been such a model of packaging, the story of 'buying caskets and returning beadsModern people with modern concepts should get more enlightenment from the fresh elements and packaging. The current candy packaging industry fully demonstrates that the packaging with vitality often adopts some vital and inspiring fresh elements to cater to consumers. Get the goodwill of consumers. Whether this can be achieved has become an important breakthrough for designers and decision-makers. It should be understood that there is always a fixed pattern, a fixed style, and a fixed character of the old design, like eating fish all the time, good or good, no change, lack of new ideas, how to win the attention of consumers? What's more, today's consumers have become more and more discerning and more critical! Appropriate packaging and green packaging. For packaging with vitality, the proportions of different consumption levels should be determined according to market needs, that is, a good grade, especially the mainstream consumer groups mentioned above; at the same time, professionalism, environmental protection, and environmental protection should be considered. Applicability and standardization are effectively combined, that is, so-called moderate packaging. In fact, in terms of packaging, there is absolutely no need to blindly engage in super luxury packaging, otherwise, it will only cause flashy and waste.  The internationally accepted packaging principles, that is, the principles of reduction, reuse, recycling, and degradability, implement the Chinese-style 'green packaging method.' It also regulates the handling methods of packaging waste, the safety of packaging materials, and the protection of human health. This kind of packaging is humanized packaging!
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