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The difference between aluminum foil vacuum bag and plastic vacuum bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-24
Vacuum packaging bag is a packaging method that uses the principle of vacuuming to effectively extend the shelf life of food. The common vacuum bags on the market mainly include aluminum foil vacuum bags and plastic vacuum bags. How much do you know about the difference between aluminum foil vacuum bags and plastic vacuum bags? Next, we will make a detailed analysis of the packaging: 1. Differences in the material of vacuum bags Aluminum foil vacuum bags are made of aluminum foil as the main material, and the structure is usually PET/AL/PE. Aluminum foil has good light-shielding, heat resistance, and high waterproof properties. Plastic vacuum bags are weaker in these properties. But it will be better than the aluminum foil vacuum bag in terms of flexibility. Second, the difference in the cost of vacuum bags In the case of the same size and specifications, the material cost of aluminum foil vacuum bags will be slightly higher than that of plastic vacuum bags. In general, aluminum foil vacuum bags and plastic vacuum bags have their own advantages, and the choice should be determined according to the needs of the required packaging products.
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