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The difference between food packaging bags and food packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-18
Food packaging bags are the most widely used in food packaging. Many snack food packaging bags use aluminum foil bags, such as those of Zhou Hei duck's duck feet, duck necks, betel nut, chicken feet, etc. If you go to the leisure food area of ​​supermarkets and shopping malls to browse, you will soon find that aluminum foil bag packaging has taken up half of the country. Why is it so popular? What is the difference between food packaging in aluminum foil bags? One of the differences: Excellent shading properties This is a feature that only aluminum foil bags have among all food packaging bags. Preventing food from being exposed to light can greatly improve the quality of packaging and preserve the color, aroma and taste of food. Like the high and low temperature resistance of aluminum foil bags, oil resistance and fragrance retention and high barrier, these capabilities can also be achieved and possessed by other composite packaging bags. The second difference: beautiful metallic luster This is also a feature that only food packaging bags have. The beautiful silver luster makes it shine in vacuum bags. Because the packaging bag will be wrinkled after being vacuumed. Color-printed complex patterns cannot be perfectly displayed, on the contrary, they appear empty. The aluminum foil bag packaging can play a very good decorative role with its silver appearance. In addition, the silver background color gives the design more design space and inspiration, so that the designer's wild ideas can be fully displayed.
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