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The difference between retort pouch and poached pouch

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-24
With the continuous increase of consumption level, the outer packaging forms and brands of cooked food are becoming more and more diverse, and the product grades are also continuously improved. Some differences between boiled bags, how can the most reasonable choice of boiled bags and boiled bags. Retort pouch and retort pouch are a general term, because the temperature of retort varies according to the environment in which they are used. There are also general types (cooking temperature at 100~200°C, sterilization for 30 minutes), high temperature type (121°C, sterilization for 45 minutes) and resistant High temperature type (135℃, sterilization for 15 minutes). Boiled bags, in fact, the most easy-to-understand name is pasteurization. Boiled bags are sterilized with water. Therefore, according to their different boiling temperature, the boiled bags are also classified as low temperature (at 100°C). Sterilize under conditions of 30 minutes) and pasteurization (sterilize at 85°C for 30 minutes). How to distinguish the two types of bags from the material? In fact, the materials of the two types of bags have a lot in common, but the commonly used materials for boiled bags are generally made of two-layer composite processing, such as common NY/CPE, NY/CPP, PET/CPE, PET/CPP, etc.; three-layer composite commonly used: PET/PET/CPP, etc. The bag type of high-temperature bag and boiled bag is actually the same in general. They are all used for sterilization. Nowadays, meat products and seafood are generally used in food packaging.
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