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The Digitization Of Printing Technology

The Digitization Of Printing Technology


The digitization of printing technology.

Qingdao China packaging industry digital printing - Qingdao Supouches packaging Co.,Ltd.

Our company in the food grade flexible packaging industry in the global market stable, quality material supply, professional equipment and technology, after-sales service is responsible.

Our main business in bulk export, and our production capacity is also matched, but we also pay more attention to the continuous expansion and exploration of more partners. And the digital printing characteristics, can help us as well as customers test, expand the market.

(1) Meet the needs personalized printing, high flexibility, no plate-making (fee).

(2) High printing efficiency and short production cycle.

(3) Printing quality top, color stability and accuracy.

(4) Suitable for small-scale production(100-5000pcs) with more competitive price .

(5) Suitable for more material structure combinations: 

OPP30, MOPP25, PET12, VMPET12, AL7, PE45, PE60, PE80, PE100

(6) The samples can be made before order without pay for plate making, and cost is about USD300.

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