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The elderly population accounts for 18.7%, how does the packaging industry enter the 'silver hair' track

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-02
On May 1, 2021, the National Bureau of Statistics released information on the seventh census. The data shows that in 2020, my country's population aged 60 and above will be 264.02 million, accounting for 18.70%, an increase of 5.44 percentage points compared with the 2010 census; According to the 'China Aging Industry Development Report' released by the National Working Committee on Aging, the number of elderly people in my country is expected to reach 480 million in 2050, and the consumption potential is expected to increase to 106 trillion, accounting for 33% of GDP! China's aging structure has initially formed,“silver economy”It has also become a new blue ocean. Based on this market situation, manufacturers in the food industry should increase the importance of elderly products, improve the experience of the elderly, and create a safe and comfortable consumption environment for the elderly. Among them, packaging is a very important aspect. 1. Physiological characteristics of the elderly The elderly will experience a decline in re-perception, memory, etc. The more obvious ones are tinnitus, dizziness, decreased sensitivity to colors, and reading glasses need to be worn for reading and writing. Secondly, the physical strength of the elderly is limited, and it is difficult to take heavy objects. Psychologically, due to changes in social roles, physiological changes and other reasons, most of the elderly will experience loneliness, loneliness and other emotions. 2. Packaging features for the elderly , The elderly not only can't see the ingredient list, but also have to guess the production date and shelf life. Such a design leads the elderly to use magnifying glasses or reading glasses if they want to know detailed product information, but it is unrealistic for every elderly person to wear reading glasses or carry a magnifying glass when going out. Therefore, in product design, you can design products specifically for the elderly. If you cannot change the font size, you can use background colors and fonts with strong color contrast, such as black characters on a white background, and try to avoid using fluorescent colors. The surface film of the composite packaging bag should avoid using shiny materials, and try to choose a matte film to avoid reflection. It is also possible to print the product ingredient list, net weight, precautions, etc. into a manual with a larger font and place it inside the food package. 2. The weight of the product takes into account the physical strength of the elderly, and medium-sized packaging suitable for the elderly can be specially designed, or the distribution of existing medium-sized packaging in the product can be increased. Small packaging is a hot topic these days, but this type of packaging is not suitable for seniors. Most of the elderly are more frugal and pay attention to practicality. Small packaging is too fancy for them and is not practical. 3. The packaging is comfortable and easy to open. The strength of the elderly declines, the ability to control muscles declines, and some of the packaging used in modern times is difficult for them to take. Therefore, packaging designed for the elderly should be easy to open and safe. For example, widening the tear strip. Comfortable and healthy. The packaging for the elderly should visually make the elderly feel comfortable and friendly. For example, softer materials can be selected, and the packaging size and shape are ergonomic. Such a design can reduce the physical burden brought by age to a certain extent and reduce the elderly A situation where people feel powerless. China's aging population is a serious problem, and it is difficult to solve it in the short term. Therefore, it is unknown whether the elderly market will be another track in the future. Therefore, paper-plastic packaging once again calls on all food producers and packaging counterparts to recognize and practice caring for the elderly from the physical and mental needs of the elderly, and constantly update the packaging design concept to bring new products to more consumers. Human health escort!
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