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The elements of food packaging bags for printing series three: the requirements for ink

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-20
Ink is the imaging substance that is transferred to the substrate during the printing process. Due to different process methods and printing products, the ink should have different performance requirements, so the ink can be divided into relief ink, flat ink, gravure ink, orifice ink. According to different objects to be printed, it can be divided into printing ink, book ink, packaging poster ink, plastic printing ink, and iron printing ink. According to the different drying methods of the ink, it can be divided into penetrating ink, volatile drying ink, oxidized conjunctival drying ink, and ultraviolet drying ink. Food packaging bag ink requirements:   1. Hygiene requirements for printing inks are also a very important aspect. For example, when printing plastic films for food packaging, it is necessary to consider the permeability of the printing ink. 2. After the ink is printed on the substrate, it should be able to dry quickly, have good adhesion, and be difficult to rub off, so as to ensure that the printed matter is clean and tidy. 3. Fluidity good. The ink with good fluidity is easy to transport, easy to transfer, and does not block the print head. The company is a private company established in 1997. It is currently the best flexible packaging company in China in the Japanese market. It has cooperative customers in almost all countries. For 20 years, it is a group of customized food packaging bags.
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