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The focus of designing food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-27
With the development of the times, people's aesthetics are constantly improving, and the requirements are also increasing. Meeting people's aesthetic needs has become the main subject of food packaging bag design. In the past, packaging products that simply put a product photo can no longer satisfy people's aesthetics, and they need a more artistic expression. Through abstract methods, product packaging is more artistic, leaving room for people to imagine. To summarize for everyone what needs to be paid attention to when designing food packaging bags. The use of color: Color plays a pivotal role in the design of food packaging bags. Each color has its own meaning and emotion. It can radiate people's feelings and arouse people's psychological resonance. The combination of colors has the effect of making the picture vivid, coordinated and unified. Color has a relatively fixed application rule in food packaging design; if this rule is not followed, it will be difficult to achieve people's psychological recognition and resonance. Complementary color collocation and the same color collocation are the most used, and the coordinated color collocation can effectively enhance the value of the product. Graphic and pattern design: Food can display the characteristics and essence of the product through the graphic design of the packaging. In the design of modern food packaging bags, the most used is to directly reflect the product in the picture. The use of graphics and patterns requires visual balance, in line with people's visual habits, and the main and secondary manifestations are reflected in proportion and position. The overall picture should have a visual focus, so that the consumer can first see this element at a distance, and then attract him to the other parts of the package. Logo and text design: Text occupies a large proportion in the packaging screen. It is the most important way and means to convey product information to consumers. It must give people a clear visual impression. The text in the design of food packaging bags should be avoided. Different types of products require different design styles. The font design of product packaging must be coordinated and consistent with the packaging screen, so that the product packaging can be integrated and visualized.
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