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The future development trend of cosmetic packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-23
The packaging design of cosmetics needs to have three parts: protection, functionality and decoration. Only the trinity is the future development direction of cosmetics packaging. Aiming at the future development trend of cosmetic packaging design, the editor of Uxin Packaging will introduce to you: 1. Fresh-keeping cosmetics will occupy a considerable market. In order to meet the needs of customers, manufacturers produce products without preservatives. Manufacturers fill them in extremely small containers, and customers can use them up at one time. For example, many brands of essences use this packaging method. The price of this kind of cosmetics is too high to become a mainstream product in the market, but it is a sign of a fashionable and luxurious lifestyle in the future, so there will be a stable consumer group. 2. Development and design of green packaging materials. Many cosmetics manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues, and they have also added environmental protection considerations to the selection of cosmetic packaging materials, considering whether these materials can be recycled, which is in line with the increasingly important environmental awareness. In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of technology, the development of packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technologies and processes, and the development and substitution of new environmentally friendly materials. Safe and convenient packaging will be more popular. Welcome to the market. 3. Multi-layer plastic composite technology. It can make multiple layers of different types of plastics compound together and form them at one time. You can choose any imaginable color and design all kinds of containers. With multi-layer molding technology, on the one hand, plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air and avoid oxidation of skin care products. On the other hand, by kneading different kinds of substances, it can obtain wonderful visual effects and unique feel in appearance, which improves Flexibility of the hose. 4. Vacuum packaging is emerging quietly. Vacuum packaging can protect skin care products that contain fat, rosin oil, and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high elasticity recovery. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight functionality, which is very important for less complicated containers. 5. Plastic bottles still occupy an important position. The advantages of plastic containers have always been light weight, strong and easy to produce. Through the efforts of chemists and plastic manufacturers, plastic products have achieved the transparency that only glass had in the past. In addition, PETG is easily dyed into various colors, and even after anti-UV treatment, the transparency remains unchanged. Savvy businesses know that packaging can turn boring chemical products into panacea. You can make products come alive through packaging, and design can satisfy customers' psychological, spiritual, and cultural needs, thereby promoting sales. 'Packaging is often more important than the product contained in itTherefore, in the production of modern cosmetics, the packaging investment of many high-end cosmetics is as high as 70% of the entire product cost. In the cosmetics market, the birth of new brands must establish their market position through appropriate product packaging. Appropriate packaging can not only directly stimulate the senses of consumers, but also reflect the brand's taste to the fullest. Packaging at this time has developed from static storage in ancient times to modern circulation media, which has far exceeded the value of packaging itself for commodities. In modern society, the continuous emergence of new packaging materials and technologies provides abundant resources for diversified cosmetic packaging. Glass, plastic, and metal are currently the main cosmetic packaging materials used. Glass has become the main material of high-end cosmetics due to its special luminous effect and satisfactory weight, permeating a natural sense of exquisiteness. It is generally used for high-end cosmetics or cosmetics that are volatile and easy to lose fragrance, such as perfumes. Glass bottles are packaged.
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