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The growth experience of an excellent foreign trade clerk in a packaging bag printing manufacturer!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-05
Foreign trade business is not to say what will happen after three years, but what I like most is the mentality. In fact, every industry and every position has its own rules of the game. If you put your mind to it, there will be unexpected results. Remember to be impatient. The same goes for returning to life. Just like a pair of lovers, one year is a period of getting to know each other slowly, two years is a period of in-depth understanding of each other, and three years is a period of true running-in. As the saying goes, whether or not the pain can survive the pain of three years depends on the personalities and emotions of these two people. Why do you say that the focus of business is mentality, because a person's mentality will determine his goal setting and work emotions. For example, in the first year of foreign trade, your mentality is thinking about how to obtain higher performance, rather than thinking about how to lay a good foundation in the industry, consolidate your industry knowledge, enrich yourself, find customer groups, and only think about performance. It will be beaten back to its original shape by reality and seriously dampen your enthusiasm. If you unexpectedly receive better performance in the process of learning to enrich yourself, it will also increase your confidence, so it depends on what kind of mentality you use to dominate your goals. Having a good attitude will make you more emotionally involved in your work, and you will laugh out loud because of a compliment from a client, and become more passionate. Moreover, no matter which line you do, maintain a good attitude, self-hypnosis, set your own goals according to the actual situation, and stick to it, you will have the more or less problems you want. The rules of the game are like this, what you play is the heartbeat, come on, goddamn dad! ! ! Packaging Bag Printing Factory The company is a large-scale flexible packaging company established in 1997. It is currently the best packaging bag printing company in China in the Japanese market. It has cooperated with customers in almost every country in the world. (The foreign trade team has 70 people, There are corresponding personnel in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, etc.). 'Building comprehensive competitiveness, Japanese quality, Chinese price' is the operating guiding ideology of packaging bag printing manufacturers.
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