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The importance of color in the design of plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-01
The importance of color in the design of plastic packaging bags When designing printing patterns for plastic packaging bags, in order to better give you the corresponding artistic beauty, relevant tones and background images will be designed and conceived as publicity and promotion of corporate products. Plastic packaging bags are also a way to display corporate products. So what is the aesthetic psychology of these plastic packaging bag design ideas? Grasp the basic elements of the design concept of plastic packaging bags, and the packaging bags made will be the most suitable“salesman”! There are various flavors with strong and weak flavors. To express so many taste sensations on the packaging bag, the taste is not only mainly sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy. In addition, to accurately convey the information content of taste sensation to consumer groups, designers need to carry out design according to the ways and laws of the above-mentioned people's perception of anything. For example, bright red fruits give people a sweet taste. Therefore, bright red is mainly used as a packaging bag to convey a sweet taste. In addition, bright red also gives people a warm, happy, revolutionary feeling imagine. Therefore, the use of bright red on food, tobacco and wine has the meaning of joy and enthusiasm. The yellow color makes people imagine the freshly baked dim sum when it is just baked, releasing a tempting aroma. Therefore, when expressing the aroma of food, yellow is often used. Orange-yellow is between red and yellow, and the taste it conveys is slightly sour, sweet and slightly sour. When designing fresh, tender, crisp, sour and other tastes and tastes, they are generally designed in emerald green colors. The Importance of Color 1 Overview of Color Psychology Generally speaking, it contains a variety of common sense accumulated from past life experience. For example, looking for plums to quench thirst is because everyone sees blue-green plums, and color psychology refers to the subjective psychological reflection caused by the objective facts of the color world. Everyone's experience of color psychology of plastic packaging bags is actually a comprehensive reflective feedback of various information contents. And my experience told me that this kind of plum is very sour, so people have a corresponding physiological response. 2 The cold and warm feeling of colors can easily make people imagine the sun, flames, etc. Red, orange, and yellow are warm colors. It produces a sense of warmth; while cyan and blue are cool colors, it is easy to imagine the wind and snow, the sea, the clear spring, etc., resulting in a sense of coolness. Also, in general, adding bright red to a color tends to be cooler, and adding black tends to be warmer. Cool colors are commonly used for beverages, and warm colors are commonly used for liquor packaging. Contrast of cold and warm colors: bright red is lighter in the lightness of the 3 colors; dark colors with low saturation and warm colors make people feel heavy, and the lightness of colors is mainly determined by the brightness of the colors. Light colors with high saturation and cool tones feel light. Among them, gray and black are the heaviest. Colors with the same saturation and high purity feel lighter, while cool colors look lighter than warm colors. Sense of color lightness: The distance sense of 4 colors is the same as the color on the same plane, some people feel more protruding or closer, and some people feel more hidden or farther. The sense of retention at such distances mainly depends on saturation and hue. Generally speaking, warm colors are near, and cool colors are far; bright colors are near, and dark colors are far; pure colors are near, and gray is far; bright colors are near, and hazy colors are far; The obvious color is near, and the weak color is far. Vivid, crisp warm tones are great for accentuating points; hazy, dark, cool tones complement the subject. 5 Taste perception of colors Colors can evoke the taste of food. As soon as everyone sees the bright red candy packaging, it is on the plastic packaging bag. You will feel the sweetness is strong; when you see the light yellow color used in desserts, you will feel the aroma of milk. Generally speaking, red, yellow and bright red have sweet taste; emerald green has sour taste; gray-black has bitter taste; white and turquoise have salty taste; yellow and beige have milk aroma. For foods with different tastes, the selection of packaging bags of corresponding colors can stimulate the purchasing desire of consumer groups and achieve better results. Color taste: 6 colors of luxury and simplicity, such as red, orange, yellow, etc., have a strong sense of luxury, and vivid colors with high purity and saturation. And calm colors with lower purity and saturation, such as blue and green, look simple and elegant. The red plastic tote bag pictured below. Red tote bag: 7 The relationship between the color psychology of plastic packaging bags and age stage Everyone changes with the age stage, the physiological structure also changes, and the psychological impact of color will also be different. Most children like very bright tones, red and yellow are generally the baby's preference. Children aged 4-9 like bright red the most, and children over 9 like emerald green. A data survey report shows that boys prefer green, red, yellow, white, and black, and girls prefer green, red, white, yellow, and black. Emerald greens and bright reds are favored by both boys and girls, while gray and black are generally not favored.
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