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The most detailed introduction to plastic packaging bags (2)

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-03
Classification and characteristics Plastic packaging bags can be divided into OPP, CPP, PP, PE, PVA, EVA, composite bags, co-extrusion bags, etc. according to their materials. OPP plastic bag: Characteristics: hard, unchanged after drawing. Non-stretchable (two-way stretch) single piece is folded in half and welded by side sealing. The longest length cannot exceed 640m/m. The single chip is 1.28M long and 0.6M wide. Advantages: good transparency. Disadvantages: Easy to tear at the seals on both sides. PP Plastic Bag: Polypropylene Polypropylene Features: The hardness is inferior to OPP, it can be stretched (two-way stretch) into a triangle after being stretched, bottom sealed or side sealed (envelope bag), tube material. Transparency is worse than OPP. PE plastic bag: Polyethylene Polyethylene Features: Formalin, less transparency. HDPE: High-density low-pressure polyethylene High-density polyethylene feels brittle, and is mostly used to make vest bags. LDPE: Low density polyethylene Low density polyethylene feels soft. PVA Plastic Bag: Vinylon Features: Environmental protection material, it will melt in water. This raw material cannot be produced in China, and it is imported from Japan, which is expensive and is widely used abroad. Advantages, softness, good transparency, no pollution. CPP plastic bag: Features: non-toxic, no godless formalin, compoundable, better transparency than PE, and slightly worse hardness. It will grow out after pulling, with soft texture, transparency of PP and softness of PE. Composite bag: Features: strong side seal, printable, and ink will not fall off. Co-extrusion bags: Features: good transparency, soft texture, and printable. 3 Plastic blister blister is a kind of plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat the flat plastic hard sheet to soften it, and then use vacuum to absorb it on the surface of the mold. After cooling, it is molded. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration, etc. industry. Blister packaging is a general term used to produce plastic products using a blister process, and to encapsulate the products with corresponding equipment. Features The main advantages of blister packaging are: saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, and meeting the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging; it can package any special-shaped products without additional cushioning materials for packing; the packaged products are transparent and visible , Beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanized and automated packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower, and improving efficiency. Equipment Blister packaging equipment mainly includes: blister forming machine, punch, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine. Product Classification Packaging products can be divided into: plug-in card, blister card, double blister, half blister, half-fold blister, tri-fold blister, etc. 4PPO plastic concept PPO plastic, the Chinese name is polyphenylene ether. It has the advantages of high rigidity, high heat resistance, flame resistance, high strength and excellent electrical properties. In addition, polythene also has the advantages of abrasion resistance, non-toxicity, and pollution resistance. The dielectric constant and dielectric loss of PPO is one of the smallest varieties in engineering plastics, and it is almost unaffected by temperature and humidity, and can be used in low, medium, and high-frequency electric fields. The deflection temperature under load of PPO can reach above 190℃, and the embrittlement temperature is -170℃. Pure PPO material has the disadvantages of poor melt fluidity and high price. The products on the market are all improved products with excellent comprehensive performance. The application of PPO plastics is widely used in: electronic and electrical: it can meet the requirements of moisture, load, It has excellent electrical insulation under high temperature conditions. It is used to prepare TV integrator tuning sheets, coil cores, microwave insulators, shielding sleeves, high-frequency printed circuit boards, various high-voltage electronic components, televisions, computers, fax machines, Copier housing, etc. Automobile industry: suitable for instrument panel parts, window frames, shock absorbers, pump filters, etc. Machinery industry: used as gears, bearings, pump impellers, blower impellers, etc. Chemical industry: used to make corrosion-resistant parts such as pipelines, valves, filters and submersible pumps. 5 Main tasks The main task of my country's plastic packaging industry is to develop new plastic molding equipment, gradually narrow the gap with foreign manufacturers, and fight against them in the market. Plastic packaging companies need to change their business development methods. Companies should stand on a new starting point to examine and resolve the above contradictions and problems. Under the guidance of the scientific development concept, change the development concept, strengthen independent innovation, enhance market awareness, and promote the company effectively developing.
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