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The performance of a qualified paper-plastic composite bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-10
The production process of paper-plastic composite bags is very rigorous. In order to allow consumers to use safe and environmentally friendly products, paper-plastic composite bag manufacturers have specified a series of process requirements. Which type of composite bag is qualified?  1. In terms of the appearance quality of the composite bag, the warp and weft threads of the paper-plastic composite bag must not be broken, folded, wrinkled, etc., and the surface of the silk cloth should be shiny and smooth;  2. When sewing, it is not allowed to take off the needle, break the thread, oblique seam, curling, etc., the seam is neat, and the remaining line of the upper seam cannot be in the center of the seam;  3. The layout logo of the composite bag should be clear and neat, bright in color, and the font should meet the standard of the sample bag, and the packaging bag should not have obvious oil or ink stains.  4. If the inner bag of the paper-plastic composite bag is a white transparent bag produced with new high-quality polyethylene raw materials, there should be no defects such as air bubbles, water marks, ruptures, holes, etc., and must have good tensile force and physical function, and meet the above requirements. Woven bags are the best quality woven bags.
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