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The principle of printing ink color mixing for composite packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-30
1. The color saturation of composite packaging bag printing ink should be the same type of ink produced by the ink factory as much as possible. The color saturation of the finalized ink is better than the color saturation of two inks. 2. If you want to use several For the color matching of hue inks, try to use the finalized inks with similar colors as the main blending new hue inks. 3. When matching colors, try to reduce the types of inks, because the more color matching inks, the higher the decolorization ratio, which will reduce the color matching ink. Saturation of transparency, so it can be formulated with one hue, do not use two-color inks. 4. When deploying light-colored inks, do not use white ink as the main color, and add a small amount of primary color ink. 5. When printing composite packaging bag materials, in order to obtain light-colored inks and still maintain the viscosity of the inks, thinners should be used, and thinners should not be used as much as possible, because plastic cloth is easy to absorb solvents, too much thinner, and drying energy needs to be increased , And the bonding strength is reduced due to too small solid content. 6. Different manufacturers, different models and varieties of inks cannot be mixed, otherwise it will affect the gloss and fastness of the printing after mixing, and may even cause the ink to gel.
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