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The reason for choosing PVC plastic bag packaging!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-25
The reason for choosing PVC plastic bag packaging! PVC plastic bags are widely used as garment packaging bags, hardware packaging bags, cosmetic packaging bags, stationery packaging bags, craft jewelry packaging bags and other PVC packaging bags for various products. Many high-end product manufacturers will choose PVC plastic bags to package, beautifully package products, and improve product levels, but the price is more expensive than OPP bags/PE bags. The production and processing methods of PVC plastic bags are usually high-frequency hot pressing or sewing. High-frequency hot-pressing PVC bags, after the PVC roll film is cut into pieces, it needs to be screen-printed first (mostly PVC is screen-printed), and then hot-pressed with a high-frequency machine. Generally, copper molds need to be customized. produce. Hot-pressed PVC plastic bags can be pressed into PVC sleeve bags, PVC welt bags, PVC toothless zipper bags, PVC handbags, PVC self-sealing bags and other styles. After the sewing PVC bag is printed and printed, it is directly sewn with sewing machine thread such as flat car or high car. PVC is polyvinyl chloride, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and other components are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. It is a popular, popular and widely used constituent material in the world today. Its global usage is the second highest among various components. According to statistics, in 1995 alone, the output value of PVC in Europe was about 5 million tons, while its consumption was 5.3 million tons. In Germany, PVC production and consumption average 1.4 million tons. PVC is being produced and used worldwide at a rate of 4% growth. In recent years, the increase of PVC in Southeast Asia has been particularly obvious, thanks to the urgent need for infrastructure construction in Southeast Asian countries. Among the materials that can produce three-dimensional surface films, PVC is the most suitable material. END professional custom packaging bag plastic bag/non-woven bag PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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