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The sales demand of the Spring Festival New Year goods will definitely drive the increase of orders in the packaging industry

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-13
In a blink of an eye, it has entered 2013, and the annual Spring Festival is approaching. As the Spring Festival approaches, people’s demand for New Year’s goods has also increased. New Year’s goods are an indispensable item for our New Year’s holidays. Among such a large variety of New Year’s goods, the candies and biscuits in the New Year’s goods account for the most dominant part. Among them, candies are our most common gift-giving products, and they are resistant. Squeeze, not easy to deform, so the demand is relatively large. Why does the demand for candies account for so much in the new year's goods? Because the candy is small and exquisite in appearance, it is easy to pack and carry, so many people will like it. It can be put in a pocket at any time. It is resistant to squeezing and is not easily deformed. You can take it out and eat it in your leisure time. For so many advantages of candy, the sales volume is inevitable. The advantage of candy is closely related to candy packaging, and it is closely related to it. Candy packaging is an indispensable step for small and exquisite candy. While the candy is small and exquisite, the bag can protect the candy, and the inside of the bag is inflated so that the candy is not easily deformed. Inflating the inside of the candy bag will make the packaging look beautiful. Compared with the candy packaging with the wrinkled packaging shape, it is more popular and the demand is even more important. For such a large demand for packaging products, it will inevitably lead to an increase in orders for candy packaging processing. As the Spring Festival is approaching, many employees have been going home for the New Year, resulting in shortage of manpower for packaging manufacturers, making packaging orders unable to be completed in time. For these situations, the packaging manufacturer Dongguan has invested a lot of machinery and equipment in this regard to realize the replacement of manpower by machines, which effectively alleviates the problem of insufficient manpower and orders that cannot be completed in time. If you have products to be packaged, You can contact us.
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