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The special-shaped bag is designed in this way to win at the starting line

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-19
With its changeable style and excellent shelf image, the special-shaped bag has formed a unique attraction in the market, and has become an important means for enterprises to open up their popularity and increase their market share. Special-shaped bags have the characteristics of various shapes, so in the design process, some points need to be paid attention to. 1. Advantages of the special-shaped bag The special-shaped bag is an irregular packaging bag, which is divided into middle sealing, four-side sealing, three-side sealing, etc. It breaks the impression that people think that the packaging bag is square, novel, easy to identify, and more able to Intuitively highlight product features, such as fruit slices designed into corresponding shapes, so that people can understand product information at a glance. Compared with traditional bottled packaging, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can save storage costs and transportation costs. These advantages of special-shaped bags make them widely used in food, daily chemicals, toys, medicine, electronics and other fields. 2. Design attention points 1. Capacity change. The specifications and capacity of traditional-shaped packaging bags have basically been formed, and everyone is familiar with them. However, after the packaging bag changes its shape, the capacity will inevitably change. Therefore, in the design process, it is necessary to recalculate the capacity according to the size of the packaging bag. 2. Soft edges. Because the special-shaped bag is irregular, it will encounter sharp edges and corners, and it is easy to poke other packaging or hurt the user during storage and use. Therefore, the edge of the special-shaped bag should be as soft as possible to avoid sharp corners. 3, pay attention to sealing. Ordinary packaging bags are relatively simple to seal because they are horizontal and vertical, but special-shaped bags have a sense of lines. When heat-sealing, it is necessary to set heat-sealing related parameters carefully according to the opening direction, line shape, sealing position, etc. of special-shaped bags. 3. Special-shaped bag type 1. Special-shaped bag suction nozzle bag. Generally, the special-shaped bag will add a suction nozzle, mainly to facilitate the dumping of the internal items, and it can be re-sealed after use, which is convenient for multiple use. Special-shaped bag nozzle bags are mainly used in liquid packaging, such as beverages, jelly, ketchup, salad dressing, shower gel, shampoo, etc. 2, special-shaped bag zipper bag. The special-shaped bag zipper bag is to add a zipper to the lower part of the bag opening, which is convenient for multiple unsealing. Zipper bags are also convenient for food preservation and multiple use, but are not suitable for liquids and are more suitable for lighter dry items such as chocolate, biscuits, tea, dried fruit, candy, etc. 3. Special-shaped bag imitation mouth bag. The imitation mouth bag means that the bag does not have a suction nozzle, but in the design process, the opening part of the bag is designed to be a mouth-like shape. This kind of bag is basically the same as the special-shaped bag and nozzle bag, and is mainly used for liquid packaging, but because it cannot be sealed once opened, it is mostly used for liquid replenishment bags or bags with smaller specifications.
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