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The standard of carton in the packaging and printing industry

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-25
The application of cartons is very wide, and they must be used in many packaging. However, cartons also have strict standards and have certain requirements on the performance of cartons. Today, Dongguan will come to share the standards of cartons for the majority of users and friends: 1. Corrugated paper The national standard for boxes is GB6543-2008, and its main test items include carton compression and stacking strength tests. 2. National standard GB/T13024-2003, the main test items include ordinary box board, kraft noodle box board and kraft box board, etc. quantification, thickness, tightness, bursting index, transverse ring pressure index, transverse folding resistance, water absorption , Moisture and other tests. 3. The national standard GB/T6544-2008 mainly specifies the test items of corrugated cardboard thickness, edge pressure strength, adhesive strength, burst strength, puncture strength and moisture. 4. The national standard GB/T13023-2008 mainly tests whether the basis weight, tightness, transverse ring compressive strength index, longitudinal fracture length and moisture of corrugated base paper meet the requirements of relevant standards. 5. GB/T451.2-2002 'Determination of Quantitative of Paper and Cardboard'), of which quantitative is one of the most basic performance indicators of paper, and quantitative is often regarded as a characteristic parameter of paper. The so-called quantitative is 'the mass of paper and cardboard per unit area measured according to the prescribed test method, in g/m2.' The accuracy of quantitative determination of paper is related to the area accuracy of the tested sample and the accuracy of the weighing device. It is recommended Weigh with a punch-type circular quantitative sampler and a balance with an accuracy of 0.01g.
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