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The technological process of producing eight-side sealing food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-09
Now more and more food packaging bags use eight-side sealing bags, understand the production process of the next eight-side sealing food packaging bags. 1. Enter the film for printing (there is a plate roll for each color during printing, and the engraving of the plate roll is intaglio engraving). During printing, the ink is constantly flowing, because the ink will condense, and the ink will be printed and the film will be processed. A scraper is inlaid during printing, and the scraper scrapes off the ink on the protruding part of the plate roll, so that the concave plate roll can be printed. If the scraper is stained with dust, there will be stripes of ink contamination. The phenomenon of dot-shaped ink contamination is because the ink splashes on the packaging film during rolling printing, which causes dot-shaped ink contamination. 2. After the film is printed, the compounding starts. For the film produced by our company, the dry-wet compounding method is generally adopted, that is, the color-printed film is coated with glue and then baked for 2 minutes and then compounded with PE. The tension is 5.6kg. The packaging bag used by our company is a two-layer composite. 3. Curing: Curing the film after bonding with glue, the effect of curing is mainly to firmly stick the glue, and curing is generally cured at 50 ° C for 24 hours. In fact, the composite film is stored at 50°C for 24 hours. If the time and temperature do not meet the requirements, there will be a phenomenon that the film is not tightly laminated. 4. The cured film is then inspected. The inspection is to input the printed matter of the standard sample into the computer, and then pass the cured film through a white screen controlled by the computer. If the unqualified product occurs, a black color will be directly pasted on the film. symbols of. 5. The film after inspection will be slit. 6. The film after slitting will be bag-making. The bag-making is to automatically make a film directly by the machine, and automatically seal the edges during the bag-making process. Compression is performed.
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