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There are only three steps to solve the appearance problem of composite packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-26
Appearance visual inspection includes inspection of the flatness, transparency, surface and other items of the composite packaging bag. It is mainly used to check whether there are obvious scratches and pinholes on the surface of the composite packaging bag, and whether there is pollution at the seal, so as to ensure that the contents of the packaging are not affected. 1,“bag surface brushed”Put the composite packaging bag in the center of the hand, align it with the 40W fluorescent lamp and shake it quietly. After the reflected light on the surface of the composite packaging bag, you can clearly find out whether there are scratches or marks on the surface of the composite packaging bag.“bag surface brushed”. The wire drawing phenomenon is mostly caused by the unclean guide roller of the bag making machine, so it is necessary to ensure that the guide roller is clean. In addition, the fact that the guide rollers do not tumble the same will cause the composite bag to have a drawing defect. 2. Inspection of the flatness of the composite packaging bag Put the composite packaging bag on a flat table individually. Assuming that the surface of the composite packaging bag is tortuous, warped outwards or arched inward, it means that the flatness of the composite packaging bag is poor, otherwise it means that it is flat. Degree is good. The reasons for the poor flatness are generally as follows: the bag making temperature is too high, the stress stiffness of the inner layer of the composite bag has been damaged; the structural composition is unreasonable; the thickness of the material itself is uneven. 3. Transparency check Some products have no pattern in a large area, so the transparency is particularly important. The detection method of transparency is: take a finished bag and observe it through an indoor indirect light source.“pitted”,“ring”,“foggy”and other phenomena, it means that the transparency is poor, otherwise it means that the transparency is good.
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