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Those amazing secrets on tea bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-25
I believe that when you buy tea or drink tea, you must find that in addition to the brand name, manufacturer name and pattern, there are also signs such as QS production license, Chinese well-known trademarks, geographical indication products, organic food certification, production date, and quality on the tea packaging bags. Words such as grades are dazzling. Others are quite domineering, except for the name of the tea, there is nothing at all. Facing the various signs and words on the bubble bag, how do we pick the key points and discover some of the secrets of tea? ︱True and false QS︱ The QS mark is a production license mark, and enterprises must have this mark to produce and sell tea. In the tea industry, many small-scale tea shops and tea houses do not have the conditions to produce tea, and they will borrow the QS logo of the purchase manufacturer. Some tea producers are only small family-style workshops and do not carry out QS certification. The QS logo on the bubble bag is either applied to others or the bubble bag itself is QS certified. If the buyer has a lot of thoughts, you can check the source of the QS logo online, after all, drinking with confidence is the last word. ︱The universal version of the bubble bag, the tea information is nowhere to follow︱ The general version of the bubble bag has very little tea product information, without indicating the origin, grade, ingredients, manufacturer, etc., which gives many merchants the opportunity to rub side balls and fish eyes. There is no business information on the bubble bag, and businesses can 'play' as much as they want, but buyers have nowhere to inquire, and often suffer from dumb losses. Therefore, in recent years, the general-purpose packaging tea products in the supermarket have been repeatedly complained. ︱The flood of organic tea certification︱ According to different certification methods, the safety level of tea in my country is divided into pollution-free tea, green food tea and organic tea from low to high. However, due to the level of inspection agencies and the lack of third-party supervision, organic certification has not been strictly implemented. Some markets are chaotic. For example, even if a tea company has organic qualifications, some tea products sold may not be grown from organic bases. , But acquired from outside. ︱Don’t worry too much about the shelf life of tea. ︱ According to the “Food Safety” regulations, the shelf life of tea must be marked on the outer packaging. In a general sense, tea should be drunk fresh, but some teas, such as Pu'er tea, white tea, etc., are better kept as they are. Companies can add a warm reminder 'This type of tea is suitable for long-term preservation' on the packaging. Even if you want to drink fresh tea, you can still drink it as long as it has not deteriorated and has passed the shelf life. ︱Geographical indication is the identity card of tea. ︱ Not any tea can use the special sign of geographical indication products. At present, there are no more than 100 kinds of tea in China that have obtained this sign. At the time of certification, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China shall recognize the tea as a famous tea with quality, reputation or other characteristics. Therefore, if there is a special geographical indication product mark on the tea package, it tells you that the tea comes from its hometown. This sign is almost the identity card of a famous tea. ︱Improper quality grade marking︱ In the national standards of different teas, there are fixed standards for the grade of tea, but the product grades of merchants are generally higher than the national standard. The traditional tea grade classification is in the current product The market is in vain.
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