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Toy product packaging plastic bags are too thin and easy to cause safety hazards

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-26
In the third quarter of this year, the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau successively detected 7 batches of exported toys with insufficient packaging film thickness. Toys packed in plastic bags, such as thin plastic packaging bags and large enough area, are easy to adsorb on children's faces and cause suffocation hazard. At present, there are strict regulations on packaging films used in toys at home and abroad. For example, the relevant regulations of the European Union require that the opening perimeter of toy packaging bags is greater than 380mm, and the average thickness of plastic film used for inner and outer packaging and bags made of soft plastic should not be less than 0.038mm; relevant regulations of the United States require the average thickness of plastic film bags and plastic film The thickness must be 0.03810mm or more, and the actual thickness of each measurement cannot be less than 0.03175mm. If the average thickness of the film is less than 0.03810mm, it is required to have no less than 1% of the holes in the range of 30mmX30mm. After analysis, the main reason for the insufficient film thickness of toy packaging bags is that, on the one hand, toy manufacturers often do not have play functions and do not belong to the main part of the toy because the packaging film is not part of the main part of the toy. Testing, the selection of packaging film material manufacturers was not strictly checked, and the packaging film raw and auxiliary materials were not checked and accepted according to the standards of the importing country; on the other hand, the toy manufacturers did not thoroughly understand and timely update the importing country’s toy standards for packaging film. According to the requirements, there is a situation that the company's feeding operation instruction and the accuracy of the detection instrument used are 0.01mm, which does not meet the standard requirement of 0.001mm, and it is impossible to check according to the limit required by the standard, and the feeding inspection is useless. To this end, the inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant toy manufacturers: First, they should pay close attention to the mandatory quality and safety standards, increase risk awareness, strictly follow the standards to detect production, and eliminate potential safety hazards; second, they should strengthen their sense of responsibility and choose qualified toy packaging bags. Suppliers, strengthen the acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials.
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