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Transparent window packaging bags make your products better!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-25
Windowed packaging bags refer to opening a window on the packaging and closing it with a transparent film, so that the best part of the product is displayed. This design method enables customers to see the product at a glance, and can also reflect the self-confidence of the product itself, so many companies choose this design method on packaging. The size of the window opening is slightly different due to product differences. For those who can see the whole picture through the part, the window can be smaller, while American ginseng and Cordyceps sinensis fix the whole content in the window part, which is not only beautiful, but also increases the weight of the product in the hearts of buyers. ​In recent years, more and more window-opening packaging bags have entered our field of vision. From clothing packaging bags to food packaging bags, many companies choose transparent window-opening packaging bags for packaging. To be honest, these products that can be seen with the naked eye can let customers know more about the specific situation and help customers make a choice whether to buy or not. and itself“face value”The higher the product, the more competitive advantage. The transparent window packaging bag does not directly punch a hole in the packaging bag and then fills the transparent plastic film, but has its special technology and advantages. From a production point of view, opening windows is also a cost-saving method. We all know that window packaging bags are also printed. However, compared with full-page printing, the larger the window, the more printing ink can be saved. From a planning point of view, a windowed bag is not limited to a certain area or a certain image. Assuming insurance is used, it will have some unintended effects that will help increase customer favorability and customer expectations. From a practical point of view, the window packaging bag can more intuitively display the product itself and increase the selling point. What kind of products the customers want can be seen directly at a glance, which saves some tedious steps and indirectly eliminates the worries of customers about the products. It is generally believed that products packaged in clear window bags look more reliable, which may be because clear packaging is often used for fresh food packaging, which is reminiscent of freshness. It feels fresh, real, and more attractive. Of course, merchants need to consider many factors if they want to choose transparent window packaging bags. For example, if it is not full or looks messy, imagine that if you see piles of broken potato chips from the transparent window of the outer packaging, it is estimated that no customer will be willing to pay for this food. When merchants choose to use transparent window packaging bags, they must consider whether the product still has a good appearance when it is shipped from the factory, shipped until it is placed on the shelf to face customers. Therefore, clothing, apparel, cosmetics, hardware electronics, food and many other jobs can consider using transparent window packaging bags to make your products more outstanding! At the same time, professional flexible packaging manufacturers have rich experience in flexible packaging design and production, and can update and replace bags for your products!
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