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Trend analysis of candy packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-11
In recent years, domestic confectionery technology experts have achieved gratifying results in the introduction of cooperation and independent originality. In the field of confectionery equipment, they have successively launched aerated toffee production line, colloidal soft candy automatic line, ultra-film vacuum instant cooking unit, cotton candy production line, etc.; packaging machinery There are single-twist packaging machines, folding packaging machines, high-speed pillow packaging machines and so on. In terms of chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional color chocolate pouring lines, automatic chocolate composite products, chocolate extrusion molding lines, and chocolate rapid refiners.  Multifunctionality is an important trend in the development of new equipment. Because there are many varieties of candies and fast updating, the manufacturers' requirements for equipment are multifunctional and adaptable. For example, the newly developed automatic line for chocolate compound products has the multi-functions of producing candy, compound chocolate and coating products. In the production of the whole line, it can produce high-quality composite chocolates with various sugar cores and different layers. For example, only the front forming part can be used to produce rectangular varieties such as nougat, toffee, Swiss candy, toffee, etc. The coating part at the back end can be adapted to the surface coating requirements of various products.   In addition, most of the newly introduced equipment now adopts new technologies such as servo motors and photoelectric tracking, which greatly improve its automatic control capabilities. For example, the automatic line for chocolate compound products consists of nearly 20 units. Due to the difference in process requirements of different varieties, not only the adjustment of each unit itself, but also the speed coordination problem between the units during operation, this unit uses one unit. The general frequency converter controls the speed-regulating frequency converters of each unit.   Confectionery and chocolate manufacturers generally need high-speed, automated packaging machines when packaging standardized products in order to optimize packaging costs with economies of scale. Therefore, in recent years, packaging machine manufacturers have developed high-speed, automated candy and chocolate packaging machines suitable for different types of products, such as traditional pillow packaging and twist packaging machines suitable for double-twisted products. In this type of packaging machine, manufacturers have adopted the latest technologies, such as servo motors, photoelectric tracking, high-speed cameras, etc., to achieve the efficiency of the packaging machine. At present, there are high-speed pillow-type hard candy packaging machines that pack 1500-2000 tablets per minute. High-speed chocolate pillow packaging machines should be more developed from the aspects of equipment and cold-air packaging film to achieve high speed without affecting the quality of the inner chocolate products. In addition, the automatic steering, sorting, emergency stop, and acceleration of the conveyor belt connected to the chocolate packaging machine are also widely used. Secondly, for non-standardized or seasonal products, the packaging machine should be designed to be flexible, lightweight and compact. This type of equipment does not pursue speed, but seeks personalized packaging and flexibility. In addition, the original packaging design can also cater to product competition, continuous innovation, and give people the effect of visual impact. For example, bottled xylitol chewing gum on the market is more suitable for young people's consumer psychology after the packaging is improved, and the products are very popular.   In short, the packaging form of candy and chocolate should be determined by the market, and the packaging technology should be determined by the characteristics of the product. If the product is positioned as a high-end gift, then the packaging must be attractive, with high-end designs, such as paper, wooden or metal packaging boxes. For mass consumer products, the packaging form should be relatively simple. For example, pillow bag packaging is quite popular with merchants. Its form is simple, technology is mature, packaging efficiency is high, and the price is cheap. In addition, the packaging technology used by some products should also depend on the characteristics of the product itself. This article is from a professional packaging machine and packaging processing manufacturer-Dongguan ( Please indicate the source for reprinting!
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