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Types of Garment Bags and Scope of Application

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-24
Garment bags are mainly made of PE, PO, PP, PPE, CPE, PET and other materials, which can be single-layer bags or composite bags. Widely used in clothing, apparel, home textiles, towels and other industries, it is mainly used to package products and display brand image. Therefore, clothing bags are also a promising advertising channel. What types of clothing bags are there? What is the scope of application? ​The sub-categories of clothing packaging include sub-industry categories such as shirt packaging, apparel packaging, underwear packaging, T-shirt packaging, etc. Generally speaking, garment bags can be roughly divided into four types according to the method of use: 1. Composite packaging bags The so-called composite packaging bags It is a flexible packaging material composed of two or more materials with different properties. It is composed of a new type of high-performance packaging that can give full play to the advantages of each component material. It can gather the advantages of each layer of film, overcome their shortcomings, and obtain an ideal packaging bag after compounding, which can meet the requirements of various products. It is often used to package clothing, apparel, home textiles, towels, etc. 2. Hook bag Hook bag is a hook added to the bone sticker bag and self-adhesive bag, which is generally mainly used for small clothing packaging. Its main function is to enhance the value of the product itself, anti-wrinkle, anti-ash, dust-proof, waterproof, etc. It is often used to package socks, stockings, ties, etc. 3. Bone zipper bag Bone zipper bag is made of transparent PE or OPP plastic film blown, folded and thermally cut into shape, using high-quality zipper head to play the role of storage, reusable, widely used in clothing packaging. 4. Oblique hanging bag Oblique hanging bag is a kind of packaging plastic bag that sometimes needs to be used in the clothing industry. It is a kind of bagging, the left and right ends are parallel, the bottom edge is flat, the top center part has a small opening, and the two small openings are two. The ends are obliquely sealed, and the center line is symmetrical. This kind of bag is called a diagonal bag. Its main function is to prevent dust, dust, and water. It is often used to pack suits, jackets and other clothes. Dry cleaners, clothing stores, etc. 5. Flat pockets Flat pockets are usually used together with cartons and are generally used as inner packaging. Its main function is to enhance the value of the product itself, prevent wrinkles, ash, dust, water, etc. It is often used to pack shirts, T-shirts and other clothes. Generally common in suits, leisure and other clothing stores. 6. Shopping bags Shopping bags are for the convenience of customers to carry their purchased items after purchase, because the shopping bags will be added with business information and exquisite pictures and texts when they are customized, which can also spread company information and improve product grades well.
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