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Under what circumstances do we need to make samples for custom plastic bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-24
I believe everyone knows that in the process of purchasing plastic packaging bags, customization has already become a choice favored by more people. After all, customized plastic packaging bags must be more in line with the requirements of merchants. However, there are many merchants who often require proofing first when customizing. Proofing means that before the formal mass production, a few samples are made first, and then whether they are qualified or not, and then mass production is carried out. So under what circumstances do you need to proof the custom plastic packaging bag first? The following editor will introduce to you: The custom plastic packaging bag needs to be proofed first in the following three cases: 1. If it is not clear how big (specification) and how thick it is to be made At this time, it is best to ask the plastic bag manufacturer to make a sample to come back and try to install it, so as to avoid mistakes. Or you can also send the product you want to pack to the plastic bag manufacturer. 2. When it is not clear whether the material is suitable or not, the evaluation and proofing can be requested. After all, even the bags produced by different plastic packaging bag manufacturers of the same material may be different because of this. Especially when you have high requirements on this aspect, such as transparency, hardness, etc. 3. When the requirements for printing effect are relatively high, the plastic packaging bag can be proofed first. Regarding the question under what circumstances do you need to proof the custom plastic packaging bag first, today I will introduce it to you here. Of course, if you are customizing plastic packaging, in addition to the above three situations, if there are some other special requirements, you can also discuss with the manufacturer to make a proof first.
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