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Understand the application of flexible packaging of flexible packaging bags Industry trends-

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-28
Understand the application of flexible packaging bags According to the national standard GB/T4122.1-2008 'Basic Packaging Terminology', the definition of flexible packaging is: after filling or removing the contents, the shape of the container changes. The container is generally made of packaging materials with flexibility and toughness, such as fiber direct employment, plastic film or composite packaging materials, which are flexible packaging materials. The so-called composite flexible packaging material refers to a flexible packaging material with a composite layer structure formed by laminating, extrusion, coating and other composite processes and technologies to composite two or more single-layer base-level fetters (films) of different materials. . The reason why flexible packaging has emerged in the entire packaging industry is that it has its own unique characteristics. The characteristics of flexible packaging are mainly reflected in the wide selection of materials, advanced technology, high production efficiency, low cost and convenient transportation, sales and use. Flexible packaging is mainly used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and daily chemical commodity packaging and other fields. Application of flexible packaging bags 1. Food packaging food is placed in the air, and various changes will occur (such as spoilage, rancidity, discoloration, drying or moisture absorption, etc.), resulting in unusable use. In addition to its own reasons, the deterioration of food has a great relationship with the environmental conditions in the sea area. These environmental conditions mainly include oxygen concentration, temperature, pH value, etc. Therefore, the primary function of composite flexible packaging for food is to reduce the adverse effects of environmental factors on food, and to place food to deteriorate too quickly. The application forms of flexible packaging materials for food include vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, moisture-proof packaging, aseptic packaging and heat shrink packaging. Food packaging bags: 2. Pharmaceutical packaging Pharmaceuticals are high value-added products, which have high requirements for safety and reliability. Therefore, to use flexible packaging, it is necessary to take into account the protection function of the drug and the convenience of carrying and use. Divided by material, common pharmaceutical flexible packaging materials include composite films and bags for pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum foil (PTP aluminum foil) for pharmaceutical packaging, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or non-PVC multilayer co-extruded infusion films, bags, and aluminum-plastic sealing Gaskets, paper and composite paper bags, etc. Pharmaceutical packaging bags: 3 Commodity packaging for daily chemical products has become one of the most important packaging forms for daily chemical products due to its gorgeous appearance, rich functions, and diverse expressiveness. Daily chemical packaging bags: professional custom packaging bags, plastic bags/non-woven bags, PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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