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Unique Requirements for Eight Side Seal Bag Printing

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-16
In order to make food packaging bags beautiful and attract consumers' attention. It is essential to make it a beautiful color printing. Generally speaking, the color printing of packaging bags of one material is one layout, such as stand-up bags and three-side sealing bags. However, the printing of eight-side sealing bags is different from other bag types and has its own special features. 1. The number of sides that can be printed on the eight-side sealing bag is 5 in total, which is more than other packaging bags. If it is unfolded, it can be divided into two layouts for printing, front, back and bottom, these three sides are used as a layout; the left and right sides are used as a layout. It can be seen that the printing cost of the eight-side sealing bag is higher than that of other bag types. 2. The eight-side sealing bag has more printing display surfaces. In addition to the flat front and back surfaces, which can be printed in color to display exquisite patterns; the bottom is also flat, with pictures and texts printed on it, and it can also be displayed well when lying down; Although the side is not so flat, it can print the required information, ingredient list, nutritional content, etc. 3. The process and attention to details of the eight-side sealing bag printing are no different from other packaging bag color printing. The ink should be uniform and not too thick; the solvent should be fully volatilized to avoid peculiar smell; the setting should be precise, and the pictures and texts should be clear and layered; these are all the same.
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