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Vacuum packaging bag production machine-vacuum packaging machine

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-26
Vacuum packaging bag production machine——The vacuum packaging machine adopts a high-sealing vacuum chamber, which is strong and durable. The overall frame is made of materials, which will never rust. It adopts electromechanical integration and is simple to operate. Become a leader in packaging machinery products. With the vacuum packaging machine, people can buy safer and more reliable products, and also allow manufacturers to save a lot of packaging materials and labor. Use of vacuum packaging machine The main function of vacuum inflatable packaging is that in addition to the oxygen-removing and quality-preserving function of vacuum packaging, the main functions are pressure resistance, gas barrier, and freshness, which can more effectively maintain the original color and fragrance of food for a long time. , Taste, shape and nutritional value. In addition, there are many foods that are not suitable for vacuum packaging, but must be vacuum-filled packaging. Such as crispy and fragile foods, foods that are easy to agglomerate, foods that are easy to deform and run out of oil, foods with sharp edges or corners or high hardness that will pierce the packaging bag, etc. After the food is vacuum-inflated and packaged, the inflation pressure inside the packaging bag is stronger than the atmospheric pressure outside the packaging bag, which can effectively prevent the food from being crushed and deformed under pressure, and does not affect the appearance of the packaging bag and the printing and decoration.  Vacuum inflatable packaging is filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen single gas or a mixture of 2-3 gases after being vacuumed. Among them, nitrogen is an inert gas, which plays a filling role and keeps positive pressure inside the bag to prevent air outside the bag from entering the bag and protect the food. Carbon oxide gas can be dissolved in various fats or water to form weakly acidic carbonic acid, which has the activity of inhibiting molds, spoilage bacteria and other microorganisms. Oxygen can inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, and maintain the freshness and color of fruits and vegetables. High concentration of oxygen can keep fresh meats bright red.  Vacuum packaging machine will be integrated in the future.   Vacuum packaging is favored by food companies and consumers because it helps prevent food from spoiling. China’s vacuum packaging technology was developed in the early 1980s, while vacuum inflatable packaging technology began to be used in small quantities in the early 1990s. With the promotion of small packaging and the development of supermarkets, its scope of application has become more and more extensive. Some will gradually replace hard packaging, and the prospects are very promising.   In recent years, the international packaging industry has paid more and more attention to improving the universal capabilities and multi-functional integration capabilities of packaging machinery and the entire packaging system. my country's packaging machinery industry is also committed to providing timely and flexible production methods for diversified products with ever-changing market development. With the improvement of market requirements, the development of vacuum packaging machine companies will face greater pressure.   Although we do not have very good technology, our country’s vacuum packaging machine companies have not given up because of this, relying on imitating foreign advanced packaging machine equipment manufacturing and production, the heat shrinking machine finally relies on its unique performance and advantages as well as the continuous efforts of the manufacturer. It has gained the trust and favor of the market, and has slowly gained a foothold in the Chinese market.   For a long time, the development trend has been steadily rising. At present, the common vacuum packaging machine on the market is a semi-automatic vacuum equipment, which can automatically complete the entire process of vacuum, sealing, printing, cooling, and exhaust by pressing the vacuum cover. In order to establish a new system of packaging machinery that is diversified, universal, and multi-functional, it must first focus on solving the major problems of combination and electromechanical integration, which is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future. With the development and application of high-efficiency, multi-functional vacuum packaging machines and packaging materials with excellent barrier properties, as well as the combination of vacuum packaging and physical and chemical treatments such as inflation, radiation, freezing, oxygen absorbents, and ethylene absorbents, it will achieve Better storage and preservation effect.   In order for China to become a true global packaging industry center in the future, and to promote the development of industrial clusters and technological progress, China must increase its voice and rule-making power in the world packaging industry. The current situation of the standardization level of China's packaging industry can no longer meet the actual needs of the rapid development of the industry, and to realize the packaging from 'large' to 'strong   In the past ten years or so, the world packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the general capabilities and multi-functional integration capabilities of packaging machinery and the entire packaging system, opening up a rapid and flexible production method for the supply of diversified products for shopping malls. Together, we continued to explore in accordance with the actual needs of reasonable simplification of packaging and superior packaging technology, which significantly accelerated the pace of technological innovation.   At present, various packaging equipment companies are seizing the opportunity, focusing on technology development and innovation, and optimizing the company chain. In the era of the big explosion of common sense, only differentiation can keep up with the pace of the times. The first choice for vacuum packaging machine equipment is CapitaLand Vacuum Pumps, CapitaLand Vacuum Pumps, a German brand, and the world's leading brand of vacuum pumps. It is the preferred brand of the world's top 500 vacuum packaging equipment manufacturers and has a first-class technical team and senior engineering experts. It is highly recognized by the industry and international companies. Germany Hokaide (International) Group Co., Ltd. focuses on research and development, sales and maintenance of vacuum pumps. As a leader in vacuum technology, its products are widely used in industrial fields such as vacuum packaging and pneumatic conveying. Goodcapital officially entered China in 1996, flowing with the pure blood of German quality, inheriting the most precise quality, and sticking to the quiet, stable and long-term service life.
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