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We use vacuum foil bags in many ways

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-16
What are the advantages and advantages of vacuum aluminum foil bags compared with ordinary ones? First of all, vacuum aluminum foil bags are usually used in food packaging. Vacuum aluminum foil bags can be divided into three-side sealing, middle bottom sealing, three-dimensional middle sealing and sheet material according to the bag making method. 4 categories. The three-side seal is sealed around the packaging bag. The front and back dimensions are the finished product size, with a certain sense of integrity, the design is not constrained, and the front and rear designs have a certain coherence. Since the dimensions of the front and back are the same, the front can be designed first so that the back echoes the front. When making plates, the front and back should be arranged on the same set of plate cylinders. The middle bottom seal is sealed on the back, the front size is the finished product size, the back is divided into two equal parts, and the sum of their widths is equal to the width of the front, usually in the design, the front and the back are unfolded to carry out an integrated design, and the left and right Add 1cm to each edge, and the front and back are also on the same set of rollers. The three-dimensional middle seal is based on the middle bottom seal, and three-dimensional edges are added on both sides, and the front, back and side three sides are also on the same set of plate cylinders. Due to the limitation of printing materials, the front and back sides of the sheet must be designed separately and plate-making separately, and cannot appear on the same set of plate cylinders at the same time.
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