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What are the advantages of the eight-side sealing bag of the composite packaging bag?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-27
Eight-side sealing bag is a kind of composite packaging bag, which is named according to its shape. This type of bag is a new type of bag that has emerged in recent years, and it can also be called“Flat bottom pocket, square bottom pocket, organ zipper pocket”and many more. Today, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer will talk about the advantages of the eight-sided sealing bag in the composite packaging bag, and provide you with a reference when customizing the packaging bag. 1. The eight-side sealing bag has eight printing layouts, which can make the product information more complete and abundant. With more space to depict the product, it is convenient to promote and sell the product. 2. Since the bottom of the bag is flat and opened, laying the bag flat, the bottom is an excellent display layout. 3. The eight-sided seal stands vertically, which is more conducive to the display of the brand. 4. The eight-side-sealed zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper, and the customer can re-open and close the zipper, which the box cannot compete with. 5. The flexible packaging composite process has many materials and large changes. It is often analyzed according to moisture, material thickness, metal effect, etc. The benefits are definitely greater than that of a single box. 6. Multi-color printing can be used, the product is exquisite, and it has a strong publicity and promotion effect. 7. Unique shape, easy for customers to identify, avoid fake counterfeiting, and have a great role in promoting brand building. 8. Standing stable, it is conducive to the display of the shelves and deeply attracts the attention of customers. Although the eight-side sealed bag has many advantages, the eight-side sealed bag is mainly customized, and it is rarely available in stock. Therefore, when customizing an eight-side sealed bag, it is necessary to determine some basic information of the eight-side sealed bag in advance, including the material, thickness, bag type, standard and other requirements of the eight-side sealed bag, and look for high-quality packaging bag manufacturers.
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