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What are the applications of composite packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-31
Plastic packaging bags are products that are often used in the market now, whether in supermarkets or vegetable markets, plastic bags will be used. Among them, the composite packaging bag is very popular among consumers, and the composite packaging bag has been inseparable from our life. The following small series will introduce the application scope of composite packaging bags. 1. Food packaging: In recent years, food packaging such as rice and flour has gradually been packaged in woven bags. The most common woven bags are: flour woven bags, rice woven bags, corn woven bags and other woven bags 2, agricultural items such as vegetables, and then replaced by paper cement packaging bags. At present, due to the capital and price of finished products, my country has 6 billion woven bags are used for cement packaging, accounting for more than 85% of bulk cement packaging. With the development and use of flexible container bags, plastic woven container bags are widely used in maritime, transportation and packaging of industrial and agricultural goods, and in agricultural goods packaging. Among them, plastic woven bags have been widely used in water product packaging, poultry feed packaging, cover materials for farms, sunshade for crop planting, windproof, hail-proof sheds and other materials. Common items: chemical woven bags, feed woven bags, putty Powder woven bags, vegetable mesh bags, urea woven bags, fruit mesh bags, etc. 3. Daily necessities: workmanship, farming, transporting goods, and those who go to the market. There are plastic woven products everywhere in the house. The cushioning materials of chemical fiber carpets are also replaced by plastic woven fabrics. Such as shopping bags, supermarket shopping bags, supermarket environmental shopping bags; freight woven bags for logistics transportation, logistics woven bags. 4. Travel transportation: Temporary tents, parasols, various tour bags, and tour bags in the travel industry are all used in plastic woven fabrics. Various types of tarpaulins are generally used as cover materials for transportation and storage. Cotton tarpaulin made of woven tarpaulin. Fences and nets in construction are also commonly used in plastic woven fabrics. Commonly used are: logistics bags, logistics bags, freight bags, freight bags, etc. 5. Geotechnical engineering: from the 1980s Since the development of geotextiles, the scope of use of plastic woven fabrics has been broadened, and it is widely used in small water conservancy, electric power, roads, railways, seaports, mine construction, and military construction. Reinforcement, isolation, anti-seepage and other functions, plastic geotextile is a kind of geotechnical material. 6. Special woven bags: Some industries need to use some woven bags that are not commonly used due to special factors, such as carbon black bags. Features of carbon black bags: sun protection. That is, the carbon black woven bag has stronger sun protection ability than the ordinary woven bag, and the ordinary woven bag cannot withstand the prolonged exposure of the sun. There are also anti-UV woven bags: with anti-ultraviolet function, anti-aging function, etc. 7. Flood resistance materials: woven bags are indispensable for flood relief and disaster relief. Woven bags are also indispensable in the construction of dams, river banks, railways and highways. Bags, drought-proof woven bags, flood-proof woven bags! Packaging is a large-scale production enterprise of modern plastic flexible packaging that integrates color printing and bag making, focusing on product development, design, and production. One-stop service. At the same time, it is committed to the implementation of the deep industrialization upgrade strategy, and has successively introduced 3 automatic high-speed printing machines, 2 solvent-free laminating machines and bag making equipment. by“Seeking innovation, seeking speed, seeking truth, seeking excellence”work style to win customer satisfaction.
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