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What are the benefits of using a card counting machine to count game cards?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-29
Games are the growth partners of each of our children in childhood. We are very yearning for the pursuit of games. Every day we will revolve around games for fun childhood life, such as making model toys for games by ourselves, buying game cards to play, etc. Wait. We have seen a lot of model toys. In our childhood, we would make them ourselves. We have strong hands-on skills and imitate the game models in them. But we can't make game cards ourselves, because the printing in this game card cannot be imitated, and there are many types, so we use multiple game cards as a pack to sell. In our opinion, multiple game cards into a pack, we would think it is very common, very common, but we did not expect that this multi-card game card packaging has a lot of work and requires The game cards are counted manually, and then the game cards are manually put into the machine for packaging processing, which will lead to increased labor costs and low efficiency. Because of this problem, in order to effectively solve this problem, we at Uxin have independently developed a game card counting machine. This automatic counting machine can effectively replace the problem of manual counting. It can pack game cards on the machine. Time provides convenience and realizes full automation, which not only improves efficiency, but also replaces human hands and saves labor costs. Not only that, this machine can also be used for game cards in a variety of sizes, which is flexible and easy to adjust. The following is the rendering of the game card counting machine:
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