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What are the common materials of plastic packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-05
As people's living standards improve day by day, they pay more attention to the quality of life. The use of plastic bags is essential for food storage and market circulation. So, what are the common materials of plastic packaging bags? Let me introduce to you: Common materials of plastic packaging bags: 1. Polyethylene It is polyethylene, which is widely used in plastic packaging bags. It is light and transparent. It has the advantages of ideal moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat sealing, etc., and it is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless. Packaging hygiene standards. It is the ideal contact food bag material in the world, and food packaging bags on the market are generally made of this material. 2. Polyvinyl chloride/PVC is the second largest plastic variety in the world after polyethylene. It is an ideal choice for plastic packaging bags, PVC bags, composite bags, vacuum bags, and can also be used for books, folders, tickets Such as the packaging and decoration of the cover. 3. Low-density polyethylene Low-density polyethylene is the most widely used variety in the plastic packaging and printing industries of various countries. It is suitable for blow molding to be processed into tubular films, and is suitable for food packaging, daily chemical packaging, and fiber product packaging. 4. High-density polyethylene high-density polyethylene, heat-resistant, cooking-resistant, cold-resistant and freezing-resistant, moisture-proof, gas-proof and insulating, not easy to break, its strength is twice that of low-density polyethylene, and it is a common material for plastic packaging bags .
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