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What are the commonly used materials for tea packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-30
In recent years, people have paid much attention to the health effects of tea. In order to promote tea promotion, some tea merchants have emphasized the curative effect on the packaging label, which is easy to cause doubts and disputes about whether the tea product should be treated as general food, healthy food or medicine. . Therefore, the tea industry improvement field hopes that the labeling of tea packaging should return to the essence of tea as a natural and hygienic daily hobby, so as to prevent unnecessary disputes. At present, there are no strict regulations on the labeling of tea packaging, mainly because most of the tea business is self-produced, self-produced, and self-sold. Promotion and brand building. Materials generally suitable for tea packaging bags are: 1. PE bags (plastic bags) Polyethylene bags, namely PE bags, are the most widely used packaging materials. Generally, there are two types of low-density PE bags and high-density PE bags. Low-density PE bags The moisture permeability and air permeability of the bag are larger, and the high-density PE bag is smaller. The advantages of PE bags are that they are economical, cheap, and have good moisture resistance, but their disadvantages are poor light transmission and gas resistance, so they cannot be used individually for tea packaging. It is best to add a layer of outer packaging that can block light and low air permeability, such as synthetic paper cans, iron cans, etc.: PE bags have high air permeability and are difficult to deal with the oxygen problem in the packaging bags, which is not ideal packaging material. 2. Metal tin cans The advantages of metal tins are extrusion resistance and good texture. In the early stage, they were mainly used in the inner packaging of PE bags for the outer packaging of tea, but due to their high price and easy corrosion, rust and deformation, they have been gradually eliminated. The smell of paint and the tightness of the lid in the metal tin can are not suitable for use alone. 3. Synthetic paper cans Synthetic paper cans are the most widely used packaging materials. Its advantages are economical, lightweight, and beautiful. The only thing is that the air permeability and moisture permeability are still high. It is not suitable to be used alone. inner packaging. 4. Aluminum foil laminated bag The aluminum foil laminated bag is beautiful and elegant, and its advantages are that it is opaque, moisture-proof and oxygen-resistant, but the price is more expensive than the PE bag, and there will be extrusion problems when used alone. The aluminum foil laminated bag can be vacuumed or filled with nitrogen or deoxidizer. With the packaging carton or synthetic paper can, the tea storage can be completely treated with moisture-proof, gas-proof, light-proof and oxygen-free. Perfect preservation method. 5. Glass jars, magnetic jars, wooden boxes and carton boxes Although glass jars have excellent gas and moisture resistance, they are light-transmitting, fragile, heavy and expensive. Magnetic jars or clay jars can be protected from light but are fragile and heavy like glass jars. If the wooden box is not handled properly, it will easily cause the tea to absorb odor and absorb moisture and breath. The paper box or paper bag is easy to absorb moisture and rupture. These materials are not ideal tea packaging. Material. 6. Nitrogen-filling or vacuum packaging The vacuum packaging bag will shrink. In order to avoid re-squeezing, collision and aesthetics, it is advisable to add outer packaging protection. Nitrogen-filled packaging will expand the bag, and it should not be squeezed to prevent the bag from bursting. Both of them need to be packaged and preserved, but they are more expensive.
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