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What are the differences between aluminized bags and aluminum foil bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-21
Aluminum-plated bags can also be called moisture-proof bags. Aluminum-plated bags have the effects of anti-static, anti-magnetic field interference and moisture-proof. Although some light will pass through the aluminum-plated bags, they can also play a role in preventing light, which is more suitable for electronics. Industry product packaging. How to distinguish the difference between aluminized bags and aluminum foil bags? The aluminum-plated bag is coated with high-purity metal aluminum on the plastic film under a high-temperature vacuum state. Because it is coated, the effect that metal aluminum can bring to the plastic bag is actually mainly a decorative effect, which is useful for improving the barrier properties of the material. It doesn't have much effect. The aluminum foil bag is made of pure metal aluminum sheet. Its 0.0065MM is the thinnest thickness. The aluminum foil film that has not been processed by other processes will be damaged if you poke it lightly with your finger. Although the aluminum foil film looks 'weak and windy,' Compared with other composite materials, the effect of the material is extremely powerful. After being compounded, it can improve the sealing, barrier, fragrance, and concealment functions of the plastic. The difference in appearance is that because the brightness of the aluminum foil bag is not as bright as that of aluminized, the reflectivity of the aluminum foil bag is not as good as that of aluminized film. If you need to distinguish, you can block the mouth of the bag and look inside the bag through strong light. The light-transmitting is the aluminum-plated bag, otherwise it is the aluminum foil bag. The difference in hand feeling is that the hand feeling of aluminized bag is lighter and softer than that of aluminum foil bag. Folding, the aluminum foil bag is prone to dead folds and dead marks after being folded, and the aluminum-plated bag will not have this effect, and it will rebound quickly after folding.
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