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What are the differences between ordinary packaging bags and food bags of packaging manufacturers

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-12
I believe that many people do not know what is the difference between the food bags on the market and other packaging bags. In fact, there are many differences between the two. First of all, in terms of raw materials, food packaging bags are made of food-grade plastic film, which is composed of multi-layer composite films, which is what we often call hard plastic, transparent or printed. Secondly, in terms of use, relevant information should be marked on the food packaging bag, that is, the name of the food, the ingredients of the food, the nutritional content, the implementation standard, the shelf life, the storage method, the consumption method, the manufacturer's information, etc. Food packaging safety is a worldwide issue. The safety standard for food packaging in my country is QS (QUALITY SAFETY), which is the abbreviation of quality safety. The leachable matter of packaging materials is the key to affecting food safety and hygiene. As early as 1980, the world-renowned food packaging expert CONORRELIY discussed in the book 'METAL CONTAMINATION OFFOOD', and in recent years, it has also been stipulated in the HACCP safety system. 1. Paper packaging. Paper is the oldest and most traditional packaging material, but its unsafe hidden dangers cannot be ignored. The main reason is that chemicals such as impervious agents/sizing agents, fillers (to make the paper opaque), Bleach, dyes, etc. The anti-seepage agent is mainly rosin soap; the filler is kaolin, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, zinc sulfide, barium sulfate and magnesium silicate; the bleaching agent is calcium hypooxygen, liquid chlorine, hypochlorous acid, sodium peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, etc. ; The dyeing agent uses water-soluble dyes and pigments, the former has acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes, and the latter has inorganic and organic pigments. Second, plastic packaging, plastic is the most widely used food packaging materials. Plastics can generally be divided into two types: thermosetting and thermoplastic. The former includes urea resin UF, phenolic resin PF, tricloamide resin MF; while the latter includes vinyl chloride resin PVC, polyvinylidene chloride resin PVDC, polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polystyrene PS, nylon NY, Styrene resin AS, styrene resin ABS, polyester resin, such as PET, PEN, etc. Different additives are used according to different resins and adhesives used when making composite materials, such as TDI, TDA, etc.
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