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What are the factors that affect the price of plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-18
Price is often one of the most talked about topics, but when you are in sales you will find that when a customer asks you for a price, it is generally difficult to answer. Take plastic packaging bags as an example. During the sales process, customers often tell you what type of plastic packaging bags to use, and then ask about the price. In general, it is difficult to answer. Because there are many factors that affect the price of plastic packaging bags. Factors affecting the price of plastic packaging bags: 1. Material selection The material of plastic packaging bags directly determines the cost of packaging bags. For example, our commonly used materials are PET, PE, aluminized, OPP, RCPP, nylon, etc., and the PET material alone has There are several types, PE (boiled and frozen), PE (vacuumed), PE (ordinary), PE milk white and so on. The purchase cost of each material is different, and the properties are different. Need to be based on customer needs. 2. Printing color Generally, the packaging bag contains 5 primary colors, and printing ink requires a certain cost, so in this regard, the color type of the printing bag, the size of the packaging bag will affect the amount of ink, and the customer's requirements for ink quality will directly affect price. 3. Size Size The size is determined according to the content and area. The size has a great impact on the price. It will affect the price of the entire plastic packaging bag based on the amount of ink and the amount of material. 4. Production loss Loss in the production process, different types of plastic packaging bags, production procedures are different, of course, the final impact on the loss, the loss is large, the loss is small, can affect the quotation. Therefore, we can't make quotations blindly, we need to ask customers for samples and the size that needs to be customized. We can only know the cost of the product after the production of the board, and then we can accurately quote to the customer. It is inaccurate to make a quotation without the board. , There is no guarantee for customers and manufacturers.
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