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What are the factors that affect the price of plastic tote bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-18
1. Material selection The material of the plastic handbag directly determines the cost of the packaging bag. For example, our commonly used materials are PET, PE, aluminized, OPP, RCPP, nylon, etc., and the PET material alone has been divided into several types, PE (water Boiled and frozen), PE (vacuum), PE (normal), PE milk white, etc. The purchase cost of each material is different, and the properties are different. Need to be based on customer needs. 2. Material thickness of plastic handbags The thickness of plastic handbags is also a key factor in determining the price of plastic handbags. There is also a special unit for the plastics industry here.“Silk”, a trace is equal to 0.01 cm. Thickness, like size, is proportional to price. Often customers rarely know how to use“Silk”to measure thickness. The plastic tote bag itself is very thin, and it is impossible for customers to measure it with special tools. Only an approximate usage can be given, and the manufacturer can judge the thickness of the required wires according to the usage. 3. Printing patterns of plastic handbags The printing patterns of plastic handbags can be expressed as single-color single-sided printing, single-color double-sided printing, two-color single-sided printing, two-color double-sided printing and printing colors, etc. One version is required for monochrome printing, and two versions are required for two-color printing. Different inks used in printing have different prices, and some patterns require special colors or special inks, and their prices are even higher. This requires manufacturers and customers to communicate in detail, so as not to cause future disputes. 4. The number of custom-made plastic tote bags is different in different styles and specifications, and the MOQ is different. Some customers will say: you can quote a price first, I will see the price and then determine the customized quantity——This will make it difficult for the customer service of the plastic tote bag factory. There are two reasons for customer service inquiries about the customized quantity. Ordering plastic tote bags involves“MOQ”The problem. When making 1000 bags and 10,000 bags, debugging the machine wastes almost the same amount of raw materials. Orders less than MOQ will be wasteful, and plastic tote bags will be priced outrageously high that you won't accept. Manufacturers of plastic handbags generally customize according to user requirements, instead of producing one or several specifications of products and placing them in the warehouse, waiting for wholesale.
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