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What are the labels of composite food packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-29
There are many labels for food packaging bags, including various labels such as characters, graphics, symbols, and marks. Through the labels on the food packaging bags, consumers can learn the basic information of several sources, properties and nutritional content of food, safe consumption period and so on. Food labels are the quality assurance that food companies hand over to the society. Food packaging label, marking ten elements: 1. Address and contact information 2. Food production license mark and number 3. List of ingredients 4. Food name 5. Storage conditions 6. Production date and shelf life 7. Food nutrition label 8. Product Standard code 9. Name of producer or distributor 10. Net content and specifications Choose, once there is a problem with the food, you can find and contact the manufacturer in time. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the label: 1. Food name: when the food name is registered, sometimes people see TM, sometimes R, when the registered trademark has not become a registered trademark, mark the TM mark; complete the registration Trademarks are marked with an R. 2. Ingredient list: The order of ingredient list is generally that the raw material with the largest amount is in the first place, and the raw material with the least amount is in the last place. Food additives, we can focus on coloring agents, acidulants, anti-caking agents, preservatives, nutritional fortifiers, leavening agents, whitening agents, sweeteners, etc. These food additives are harmful to the human body under normal ingestion. Possibly harmless; but ingesting the same chemical too frequently can be harmful to health. There are too many food additives in my country, there are more than 20 categories and nearly a thousand kinds of food additives. Colored words such as“Amaranth, Carmine, Erythrosine”Generally a pigment; sweet words such as“aspartame, acesulfame”Generally classified as sweeteners; contains“glue”The words add thickeners, gelling agents, and stabilizers. Sweeteners, the most widely used is chewing gum, using aspartame. Nitrite, mainly used for meat curing, such as ham, canned lunch meat, the usage rate is as high as 85%. 5-Taste nuclear Disodium gluconate and sodium glutamate are two flavor enhancers that are often used in monosodium glutamate, and if they are ingested in large quantities for a long time, they will lead to abnormal mood. 3. Net content and specifications: Net content usually represents the weight of the food after removing the packaging, in grams, kilograms, or milliliters, liters. Specification means that when the same package contains multiple small packaged foods, the net content and the number of pieces need to be expressed. 4. Nutrition label: What we need to know about nutrition label is nutrients and energy. In addition to oxygen, there are roughly 50 kinds of nutrients, which can be divided into proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. The conversion of energy units, energy, work, and heat are all in Joule J. The above is what is worth noting about the labels of composite food packaging bags.
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