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What are the material characteristics of composite packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-31
1. Invariance a) The tensile strength, elongation and other indicators of the machinable composite packaging bag material are very important for film suppliers and users. The experimental method to test the tearing strength is mainly to measure the requirements for tearing the bag. Strength, the main measurement methods are the trousers method and the Elemendorff tear method, preferably the Elemendorff tear method for constant radius specimens. For film processors, tear strength that is too high or too low is detrimental to the process. For consumers, the tear resistance of the material is a primary goal related to whether the package can be easily opened. Friction in the actual packaging process is often both drag and resistance, so there must be something to control the coefficient of friction to keep it within proper limits. Coils for active packaging generally require a relatively small friction coefficient of the inner layer and a moderate coefficient of friction of the outer layer. The uniformity of material thickness also has a major impact on the functional goals of the material. b) Hermetic, adhesive heat-sealed bag making is the last sequence of the entire composite packaging process. Heat-sealing bag making requires superior heat-sealing strength, which can ensure the subsequent processing of the composite bag without leakage. The tightness of the seal has a lot to do with the exact selection of heat-sealing materials, heat-sealing pressure, heat-sealing temperature and time, and heat-sealing methods. c) Printing adaptability Several goals such as abrasion resistance, adhesion, and printing accuracy are mainly proposed for the characteristics of the printing industry. 2. Mechanical maintenance For inner composite packaging or small packaging bags, the sealing tester can be used to detect the sealing function of the packaging after a series of simulation experiments (such as shaking test, drop test, pressure test, etc.). Packaging is a large-scale production enterprise of modern plastic flexible packaging integrating color printing and bag making, focusing on one-stop service of product development, design and production. At the same time, it is committed to the implementation of the deep industrialization upgrade strategy, and has successively introduced 5 automatic high-speed printing machines, 2 solvent-free laminating machines and bag making equipment. by“Seeking innovation, seeking speed, seeking truth, seeking excellence”work style to win customer satisfaction.
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