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What are the materials for making vacuum packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-08
As we all know, vacuum packaging bags can effectively maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value of food for a long time. The vacuum packaging bag not only has the function of deoxidizing and guaranteeing quality, but also has the functions of resisting pressure, blocking air, and maintaining the original properties of the product. Packaging bags of different materials will have different functions. So, what is the material of the packaging bag for vacuum packaging? 1. Material: The material of aluminum foil is generally PET/AL/CPE or PET/NY/AL/CPE. Among them, PET--good printing effect, NY--low oxygen permeability, AL--strong barrier property, opaque, CPE - inner layer of packaging. This product has good anti-static, oxygen barrier, shielding, moisture-proof, shading functions and excellent heat-sealing properties. Aluminum foil vacuum bags are widely used in food, electronics, chemical and other industries. Since the raw materials of aluminum foil itself are relatively expensive, the cost of vacuum will be relatively high. It is composed of PP, TIE and other resins, and adopts a symmetrical or asymmetrical combined structure. Due to the addition of PA and EVOH, not only the barrier properties of the multilayer film to oxygen and fragrance, the composite peel strength, the environmental resistance and the fresh-keeping storage period are greatly improved. 3.Material: Nylon Process: Composite Form of expression: Three-side sealing nylon composite bag material is similar to that of nylon co-extrusion. The main difference between PET/PE, PVC/PE, NY/PVDC, PE/PVDC, PP/PVDC is the process The upper composite bag is generally composed of substrate, lamination adhesive, barrier material, heat sealing material, printing and protective layer coating, etc. The commonly used composite film structure is: surface layer/adhesive layer 1/intermediate barrier layer/cat layer 2/inner heat-sealing layer nylon composite is laminated layer by layer through a laminating machine, and glue needs to be added in the middle. But because of this, one of the biggest drawbacks of nylon compounding is that the weather is dry, especially in winter, the vacuum breaking rate will be much higher. 4. Material: PE PE bag is the most widely used plastic film in the market, and it is cheap. Because PE film has high air permeability and low sealing performance, if it is used as a vacuum bag to compare the breaking rate.
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