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What are the materials of food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-13
How much do you know about food packaging materials? Today we will summarize the relevant knowledge points. Food packaging materials and containers refer to paper, bamboo, metal, enamel, ceramics, plastics, rubber, natural fibers, chemical fibers, and glass products used to package and hold food, as well as coatings that come into contact with food. Internationally, food packaging bags, food containers, auxiliary materials, equipment, tools and other materials and products that come into contact with food are collectively referred to as food contact materials. At present, there are many types of food containers and packaging materials allowed to be used in my country, mainly including the following 7 types: 1. Plastic products: such as plastic milk bottles, disposable plastic lunch boxes, disposable plastic water cups, etc.; 2. Rubber products (including natural rubber, Synthetic rubber): such as pacifiers, pressure cooker sealing gaskets, etc.; 3. Ceramic and enamel products: such as ceramic tableware, enamel water cups, etc.; 4. Aluminum, stainless steel, iron products: such as aluminum pots, aluminum foils, stainless steel pots, iron pots, etc.; 5. Glass products: such as glass tableware, glass water cups, etc.; 6. Paper products: such as disposable paper cups, food packaging cartons, etc.; 7. Composite film products: such as composite film bags, etc. Food packaging materials of different materials have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages due to their different materials. For example, plastics are cheap and lightweight, metals are not easy to break, and paper and plant fibers are easy to degrade. However, no matter what kind of food container or packaging material is chosen, the fundamental principle that it may contaminate food and cause harm to human health cannot be ignored. The safety hazards of food containers or packaging products of different materials are also different. The main problem of metal kitchen utensils and tableware such as aluminum, stainless steel, iron and other products is that in the process of cooking food, due to the quality of the kitchen utensils itself or improper operation and use, heavy metals such as nickel, chromium, cadmium and lead migrate to the food. The main problem of ceramic products is that the migration of lead and cadmium exceeds the standard; while plant products such as natural fibers and paper products are mainly caused by microbial contamination or excessive sulfur dioxide. In order to ensure the safety of food packaging materials, my country has not only formulated strict national food safety standards for each food packaging material and its products, as long as the production enterprises strictly follow the national standards and choose my country's permission and follow good production practices for production and production. Processing, its products will meet the requirements of national standards, and will not cause harm to the health of consumers.
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