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What are the misunderstandings in the choice of plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-01
As we all know, plastic packaging bags are convenient and hygienic, and are often used in shopping, clothing, and food packaging.……etc. However, because many people have no experience in selection, they usually fall into the misunderstanding of choosing plastic packaging. So what are the misunderstandings in the selection of plastic packaging bags? Misunderstandings in the selection of plastic packaging bags: Misunderstanding 1. The stronger the plastic packaging bag, the better. We often see all kinds of plastic packaging bags in our lives, so strong packaging bags Must be fine. In fact, this is not the case. There are strict standards for plastic packaging bags, especially plastic bags used for food packaging. They must be produced by regular manufacturers and have qualified products approved by relevant departments. The quality of these plastic bags will be Guaranteed. Misunderstanding 2. The more beautiful plastic packaging bags are, the better. There are many colors of plastic packaging bags, but we must be careful when choosing them. If we use plastic packaging for edible items, we must choose simple colors from the perspective of color alone. At least it has less additives. Many dark-colored plastic packaging bags are often produced from recycled waste materials, and these plastic bags cannot directly contact food. Misunderstanding 3. Old plastic bags can come into contact with food. Many families have the habit of storing waste plastic packaging bags. In fact, it is okay to store them as long as they are tidy and use waste plastic bags, but do not use waste plastic bags for food contact. and skin, which can cause chronic damage to our physical health. Misunderstanding 4. Plastic bags can be mixed. For example, food packaging bags are specially produced for packaging food, and their raw materials and processes have high requirements for environmental protection and safety; while plastic bags such as chemicals, clothing, and cosmetics will have different manufacturing processes due to different requirements, and such plastic packaging bags cannot be For packaging food, otherwise it will cause damage to human health. The above-mentioned content is the misunderstanding of the selection of plastic packaging bags. We must avoid them when choosing, and we cannot continue the wrong point of view, so as not to choose inferior plastic packaging bags.
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