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What are the printing methods of plastic packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-06
As we all know, plastic packaging bags are generally printed on various plastic films, and then combined with barrier layers and heat-sealing layers to form composite films, which are cut and bagged to form packaging products. Among them, the printing of plastic packaging bags is an indispensable key process in the production process. Therefore, understanding and controlling the printing method becomes the key to bag quality. So what are the printing methods of plastic packaging bags? Printing methods of plastic packaging bags: 1. Gravure printing: Gravure printing mainly prints plastic films, which are used to manufacture various plastic bags. 2. Letterpress printing: Letterpress printing is mainly flexographic printing, which is widely used in the printing of various plastic bags, composite packaging bags and plastic packaging bags. 3. Screen printing: Screen printing is mainly used for plastic film printing and various containers that have been formed, and it can also print transfer materials to transfer graphics and texts on containers with special shapes. 4. Special printing: Special printing of plastic packaging bags refers to other printing methods different from traditional printing methods, including inkjet printing, gold and silver ink printing, barcode printing, liquid crystal printing, magnetic printing, pearlescent printing, hot stamping anodized aluminum, etc. Regarding the question of which printing methods of plastic packaging bags are available, today the editor will introduce it to you here. Different printing methods of plastic packaging bags have different printing effects. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate printing method according to the actual situation.
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