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What are the reasons for the aging of plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-01
Whether it is online shopping, gift packaging, outer packaging of clothes, or normal shopping, etc., the use of plastics, including bags, is often inseparable. Although the use of plastic packaging bags is very convenient, with external conditions such as sunlight, wind and rain, plastic packaging bags are also very likely to age. So what are the reasons for the aging of plastic packaging bags? Let me introduce to you: Reasons for the aging of plastic packaging bags: 1. In the natural environment, that is, under the condition of direct sunlight, the strength will decrease by 25% after one week, and two weeks later. After that, it will be reduced by 40%, and it is basically unusable. That is to say, the storage and storage of plastic bags is very important. 2. Excessive temperature during storage and transportation (container transportation) or rain will cause its strength to drop, thus failing to meet the quality requirements for protecting the contents. 3. After the items are packaged and exposed to direct sunlight in the open air, the intensity will drop sharply. Therefore, if you want to prevent the aging of the plastic packaging bags, you should try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. 4. Excessive addition of recycled materials is also one of the reasons for aging. Therefore, when regular plastic packaging bags are made, they will pay great attention to the addition of recycled content. The above-mentioned content is the reason for the aging of plastic packaging bags. In fact, aging does not mean that it is decomposed, but that the strength is reduced and can no longer be used. Therefore, for the sustainable development of the environment, we must learn to prevent the aging of plastic packaging bags and increase the utilization rate of plastic packaging bags, so as to protect the environment. the goal of.
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